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Is Racism A Requirement For Being Tory?

racism in the tory party |

Labour’s British Nationality Act 1948 gave citizenship to every person in the British Empire. And Caribbeans began arriving on Windrush.  But Tory Enoch Powell was critical of mass immigration and his Rivers of Blood speech (1968) was a rallying call to the Tories. The Tory Party has not lost its hatred of immigrants, Brexit will testify to that.  And members still bind the party with racist rhetoric. The Tory Press direct attention to alleged anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, perhaps because Labour does not share Winston Churchill’s goal of making Palestine an ‘Overwhelmingly Jewish state’.  Meanwhile, the Tories seem to have their finger on the race button. So, I wonder in the anniversary year of the Nationality Act 1948 if accepting racism is a requirement of being Tory.

There will be readers who are keen to point out that the Tory party has high ranking non-white members. Sajid Javid (housing minister) and James Cleverly (Deputy Chairman of the Tory Party) are examples. But they choose to work alongside people like Boris Johnson. Johnson referred to members of the Commonwealth in his Daily Telegraph column, as ‘flag-waving piccaninnies’.

And Anna Marie Morris MP used the expression ‘n*****r in a woodpile’ in the presence of fellow Tory Kwasi Kwarteng. The Tory party suspended Morris but kept her listed as a Tory MP.  So, the Tory party still referred to Morris as a Tory MP, although Morris could not call herself one.  The party allowed Morris to attend fundraisers while suspended and just five months later she was a restored Tory MP.  And that folks is how seriously the Tories take racism.

Racism A Tory Tradition

Racism is a Tory tradition. Winston Churchill was a racist. In Afghanistan, Churchill declared that ‘All who resist will be killed without quarter’ because the Pashtuns need to ‘recognise the superiority of race’ (1897). Churchill’s treatment of Africans was just as brutal.

Churchill ordered British soldiers to open fire on Greek protesters when they defied British orders. Soldiers killed 28 and injured 128 (1944). And it was Churchill who introduced the Black and Tans into Ireland. The irregular troop shot and killed civilians indiscriminately.

racism in the tory party |

21st Century Racism

The racism exercised by Churchill in the 19th century persists in the 21st century Tory Party. Tory councillor Bob Frost described people involved in the riots as ‘jungle bunnies’ (2011). The school sacked him as a maths teacher.  The Tory Party just suspended him for eight weeks. Frost addressed investors from the Middle East as ‘sons of camel drivers’ but no disciplinary action was taken. However, Frost was again suspended for telling a Romanian to ‘f**k off back to Romania’.

Frost is comfortable making these public statements because thinly veiled racism is part of the Tory political rhetoric. David Cameron referred to immigrants as a ‘Bunch of Migrants’  May insults citizens of the world calling them ‘citizen of nowhere‘ and David Davis uses hostile language when speaking of the EU.  Brexit cheerleaders Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg have Brits fired up over Blue Passports and the glory days of Empire. But Brexit looks to be at the expense of Ireland’s Good Friday Peace Agreement.

Tory Apologists will defend and question why the indefensible is unacceptable. So, we have the absurd situation of James Cleverly defending MP Ben Bradley’s comments on eugenics, the controlling of ‘undesirable’ groups, (video below). For many it is a reminder of British and Nazi concentration camps.

Andrew Lansley, former Tory Health Secretary, declared there to be ‘endemic racism’ in the Tory party, adding: ‘it’s in the system. So, it appears that Racism is rife in the Tory Party. The Tories may have people of colour in the party but little else has changed.

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Cleverly Defends Bradley and Eugenics

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