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The Tories Rogues and Reprobates

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Theresa May’s speech to the Tory conference was awash with Labour Party ideas, borrowed to keep the Tories in power. We should not let that happen. Britain’s quagmire is purely of Tory making. Their reckless regard for principle, people, and the British economy is a hair’s breadth from criminal negligence.  I am upset at how our society has become grubby and grasping aping our political leaders who are self-absorbed rogues and reprobates.

Prime Minister

Rogues and Reprobates Theresa May 2 |

The leader of the mismatched band of selfish individuals masquerading as a government is PM Theresa May.

Her party conference address claims ‘wins’ even though the Tories failed to win the election. Our system is first past the post, and neither party made it over the finishing line. May’s ‘wins’ were a misrepresentation, which is the hallmark of Tory government.

Amongst May’s claims, she blames Labour for creating the 2008 financial crisis. However, it was the result of a policy the Tories themselves pursue. Unregulated ‘free-trade.’ Regardless, Tory delegates applauded her canard.

May also spoke of tackling racism. But it was she who was responsible for sending out vans telling illegal immigrants to ‘Go home or face arrest.’ And told tall tales about not being able to deport an immigrant because he owned a cat!

Rogues and Reprobates Boris Johnson 1 |

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson says he ‘loath[s] and despise[s]’ racism. However, he presided over articles that referred to black people as having lower IQ’s and American basketball players as having ‘arms hanging below their knees and tongues sticking out.’ I believe he apologised because it was prudent. Now he jokes that Libya can become a new Dubai if it can clear the dead bodies away. The Tories laughed and later, of course, Boris apologised.

Boris who fathered an illegitimate child and cheats thinks nothing of being profligate with public finances. From spending money on second-hand water cannons to questionable expenditure over the failed garden bridge project. He was party to West Ham’s deal of the century. Their acquisition of the Olympic Stadium built with taxpayers money.

It’s doubtful Boris supports Brexit but he is looking for a path to PM. So, he has re-erected his known lie that it would provide £350m a week for the NHS. Lying should have got him the sack. It did twice before. And thus distance him from the Brexit fiasco destined to plunge people into deeper poverty. The public reaction will be as toxic as Chernobyl ending the careers of those nearest it.

Rogues and Reprobates Rees-Mogg 3 |

Jacob Rees-Mogg

Like Boris Rees-Mogg is a character from P G Wodehouse novels. He is the man who would be crowned king. I fear for women’s rights if he is ever leader.

Described as an ‘uncompromising social conservative,’ Rees-Mogg is an anachronistic tyrant. On the one hand, he deplores abortion on any grounds, even rape. But he is comfortable making money from a pill manufactured for ulcers in Thailand, that is widely used to induce abortion. Don’t want too many of those others breeding eh Jeeves.

His Christianity is strangely absent when it comes to welfare cuts. Rees-Mogg has voted no less than 52 times to reduce the spending on welfare benefits and five times against raising welfare benefits.

He is prepared to fly his Christian credentials to assail women’s rights. But never to oppose war or replace Trident with a new nuclear weaponry system. ‘Blessed are the peacemakers.’

The camp homophobe brags of never changing a nappy for any of his six children, boiling an egg or ironing a shirt. Good to know that the Tories don’t just say that we are all in it together!

Rogues and Reprobates

So, there is not one leading Tory that I would trust. May changes her mind on a whim and is economical with the truth. Boris blows with the wind that would take him to number 10, is a liar and a cheat. Rees-Mogg is a hypocrite and uses his Christianity to mask his tyranny.

Too many Tories are rogues and reprobates who are unfit for public office.

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  • What a superb article!! You’ve done your research that’s for sure. Love the way you identify the threads, bring them together and get weaving. We can all see the patchwork Tory blanket now. Your PG references had me laughing my head off.
    Why are you not writing for the mainstream press? Pithy, poignant with great pace ! Keep up it up!!!

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