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Racism White People N***** Empty Apologies

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A jolly in apartheid South Africa breaching international sanctions didn’t stop David Cameron becoming PM. The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, didn’t need to use anything as sophisticated as “Mutton-headed old mugwump” to ridicule black people. He merely described us as ‘piccaninnies’ with ‘watermelon smiles’ who should be grateful that white people saved us from relying ‘On nothing but the instant carbohydrate gratification of the plantain’. Racism in the Tory party is rife and unchecked.  Now it’s Anne Marie Morris casually using the N-Word at a venue insensitively named the East India Club!  Perhaps her imperial sensibilities took control. Apology followed.  Alas, this is what happens when leaders brand good manners ‘political correctness gone mad’. As a broadcaster and writer, I believe in free speech, but we all have to accept there are some things one should not say. Even the racists amongst us. And if one does, there should be consequences.


The N-Word is the racist’s ultimate curse for black people. It encompasses all the user’s hate and belief that I am a lazy and inferior being.

Anne Marie Morris may be one. We know her partner and agent Roger Kendrick has a shallow opinion of anyone who is not white. Morris did distanced herself from his toxic views but it was during an election. So, she can do the right thing regardless of her age.

I do not believe that her N***** figure of speech was ‘unintentional’. I imagine that is standard chitchat for Morris and partner among friends and Tories. Morris was in the company of Black Tory MP Kwasi Kwarteng when she made her remark.  Senior Tories John Redwood and Sir Bill Cash were present, but nobody objected.

Racism has not lead to the expulsion of a Tory. It just doesn’t matter enough. It might even be good for promotion.

Racism & Expulsion

It took David Cameron 17 years, and Boris Johnson the Mayoral election before they ‘apologised’ for their comments. Like Morris’s apology, they were for political gain devoid of any self-reflection. Cameron went on to describe refugees fleeing conflict as ‘A bunch of migrants’, and a ‘swarm’ and Boris insulted Sikhs. Both supported Zak Goldsmith’s racist mayoral election campaign.

The Tory party has a history of racism. Derek Laud, a former aide to both Margaret Thatcher and John Major, said in 2015 that the Tories are ‘The ultimate racists because they deal in stereotypes.’ They also deal with power.

Racist remarks have no place in British life. MPs and other leaders who indulge such behaviour are sending the message that racism and intolerance are okay. It’s not, and the government needs to lead by example.

That is why Theresa May should expel Morris. We all have to accept there are some things one should not say, even racists.


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Too Many Too Often Use N******

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