Human Rights Protect Us From May's Government -

Human Rights Protect Us From May’s Government

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Leaving the European Union [EU] is no reason to lose the protection of Human Rights.  However, Theresa May is keen to ‘Rip up human rights laws’ although the two are independent of each other.  Her government is grabbing power through the EU Withdrawal Bill.  Formerly known as the Great Repeal Bill, until May lost the election, the  Bill will allow ministers to make any changes they consider ‘appropriate’ to ‘prevent, remedy or mitigate’ what it calls ‘deficiencies’ in EU laws.  And that will happen without referring to Parliament.  AKA the Henry VIII Clause because it allows the government to avoid Parliamentary scrutiny.  So it gives the government a lot of unfettered power.  The Times reports that the Bill includes plans to stop British citizens suing the government.  So never have our human rights been more important to protect us against state abuse.

‘The ECHR is not part of the EU’

The European Convention On Human Rights [ECHR] existed before the EU.  Nonetheless, Sun headlines incorrectly, conflate the two. The ECHR is not part of the EU.  It is only concerned with human rights. But most European countries are members. The EU is an independent economic and political union.

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Human RIghts And Abuse

May would have us believe that human rights prevent the deportation of immigrants because they own a cat (video below).  But that is simply untrue.  As was Ms. May’s claim about the cat.

British lawyers enshrined citizens rights in the ECHR after the second world war.  It was to stop government abusing citizens.  And the Europan Court of Human RIghts [ECtHR] is a consequence.

Thus since 1966 individuals can take the British government to court for a breach of human rights. However, despite Britain’s influential role creating the ECHR, the British government was one of the last to adopt it into law.  Nor did the government comprehensively ratify it in the Human Rights Act.  But British citizens still have access to those rights until May tears us away.

May wants to remove the building blocks of human rights.  Protections for the freedom of speech, religion, privacy and a right to family life. All of which open’s the door to tyranny.  She has wanted to be rid of human rights for a long time. In 2011 she used immigration as her excuse.  Today, she uses terrorism.

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State Abuse

The Government held the DNA information of people who had not been charged or convicted of a crime.  The higher arrest rate of black males meant an estimated 37% of black men and 77% of young black men had records on the DNA Database.  But the ECtHR ruled that the UK was violating the human rights of innocent people.

John Worboys was jailed for rape. But when DSD and NBV, two women, reported their rape to the police, they didn’t believe their stories or take the inquiries seriously.  Society might not believe women but their failure to act subjected the victims to ‘inhuman or degrading treatment’. A breach of human rights.

So was the government charging trafficked children with criminal offences. It was a human rights action that saw them set free.  The Lord Chief Justice said they were victims of a ‘vile trade’ and not criminals. 

And when the council forcibly removed Steve Neary, a young man with learning disabilities from his home.  The right to a family and privacy meant that the council should have listened to his wishes before they removed and imprisoned him for a year.  Nor can the government continue to deny workers access to justice by imposing tribunal fees of £1,200.

We need our human rights now more than ever.  Please, do not throw them away.  You can start saving them by signing the petition or start one and create change.

Human rights, protect us from Theresa May’s government. Amen.


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