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Harry And Meghan Establishment Bliss

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Nothing has secured the fate of the Royal Establishment like the wedding of Harry and Meghan, the Rock Star Royals.  I do like the couple, what’s not to like?  But I am a Republican and would do away with the Royal Family, like most of Europe. But the royals keep rebranding and making themselves relevant.  And it almost sounds mean to say that one wants to be rid of Princess Diana’s children. But as much as I do want to see the undemocratic constitutional monarchy and its privilege gone, Harry and Meghan have pushed any such debate way into the future.  Their wedding has caused a sensation that in the word of Keats ‘O for a life of Sensations rather than of Thoughts’.

The annual Sovereign Grant paid directly by the Treasury and therefore the taxpayer is £82m for this year.  In the absence of data, the wedding is estimated to cost the taxpayer a further £32 million.  So, in the age of austerity, with the cloud of penury, it seems the only luxuries the nation can afford is for Royals.  Never mind education, housing or the NHS.  And Harry and Meghan’s wedding has sealed closed any anti-royal debate.

Privilege, Class Harry and Meghan

Britain is not a meritocracy.  It is run by a privileged few and the revolving door between Downing Street and the privileged few is all too clear.  And Royal patronage is at the centre of it all.  But Harry and Meghan’s wedding has even stifled the class debate.  Meghan is a self-made woman raised by a single Black mum. The media would have you believe that Meghan’s Black ancestors rose up from slavery as if slavery was a choice and not an imposed condition.  Black people could have achieved much more much faster but there are some rather large racist and classist intuitions standing in our way.

So, the marriage, and I do believe it is for love, of Harry to Meghan plays to the illusion that the Royal Establishment is changing.  No, it’s not.  It is unlikely that Harry will ever be King so he has more leeway with whom he can marry and have children.

The Black Factor

By American standards, if not her own, Meghan is considered to be Black or Biracial. Along with her university education and feminist principles a bride such a Meghan is seen as the Royal family evolving.  What rot!  It is evidence of a family way behind the times and out of touch with modernity.  Mix marriages, with educated feminists, is old hat.  I think it is embarrassing that the Establishment is only now catching up!

The white congregation at Harry and Meghan’s wedding were shocked at the sermon delivered by African American Bishop Michael Curry. Clearly, they had no understanding or experience of Black preachers.  And it is the subject of one of my favourite royal weeding tweets; Prince Phillip Remembers Bishop Curry (below at the end of the blog).  At times, I thought the TV coverage of his sermon mocking.

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Harry And Meghan Establishment Bliss

Harry and Meghan’s romance has been sold as hope, and as a unifying factor for our broken nation. It’s certainly been a distraction. However, the wall to wall coverage of Harry and Meghan’s relationship has served the Establishment by shoring up the monarchy position in terms of its legitimacy and connections with their subjects.  So, we’ll be tugging our forelocks for decades to come.

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Prince Phillip Remembers Bishop Curry

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  • I’m not a royalist, but I do like a good wedding and I’m a sucker for love.
    So the world has been blindsided by the wedding; about what’s really going on, but the distraction is sometimes what we need , as life can be stressful.

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