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I am excited about the impending marriage of Meghan and Harry. I find joy in others happiness. But it does not stop me from being a Republican. The royal family founded on birth entitlement, classism and elitism are past their sell-by date. Left to William and Kate, I could have seen its ending. However, with Meghan Markle joining the Royals, they look set to continue for a few more generations. That is because Meghan and Harry are the cool couple. Meghan brings a style and diversity that the family desperately needs. And so, the family are cashing in on Harry ‘punching way above his weight’. But let’s not get it twisted Meghan will be no Black Princess or any other type of princess for that matter. She is already a tool of the Royal Institution which enforces Britishness, patriarchy and dreams of Empire.

Run Megan Run

In a recent conversation, Journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown said that Megan Markle should run away (video below). To which I add for her sanity.

The royal spin of Meghan and Harry’s wedding is proof. It is either the royal’s step into modernity ‘accepting’ her Black and American heritage or the fairy tale: Dashing Prince Charming plucks girl from South-Central Los Angeles streets and makes her a princess. In reality, it’s neither. Not being born of ‘royal blood’ Megan cannot become a princess. And on closer inspection, the Royals have begun manipulating the free spirit of Meghan Markle.

Patriarchy And Empire

Many of us appreciated Megan before her relationship with Harry. As well as being a self-made woman and a humanitarian, she was a feminist. Whereas patriarchy and Empire are in the royal tradition, feminism is not

So, it’s disconcerting to hear feminist Meghan say during the choreographed interview with Harry she would be giving up acting for the role of ‘wife’.

Feminism is not the only thing she appears to be relinquishing. Megan attended the Catholic Immaculate Heart High School. So, it’s reasonable to assume that she might be Catholic. But the Royals can’t have any of that. After all, Guy Fawkes and his Catholic crew did try to blow up protestant James I and his Parliament. So, the Palace has already arranged for Megan’s baptism into the Church of England before the nuptials.

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The Royals have long represented Britishness as whiteness. That is despite the history of royal marriages across national and ethnic divides. Queen Charlotte wife to George III was of African and German descent. Her physician reportedly described the queen as having ‘a true mulatto face’.

So, Meghan’s mix is not a new phenomenon or a Black one. Meghan Markle identifies as mixed-raced. And to the uneducated eye, she is racially ambiguous and as Black as Rachel Dolezal. So their marriage will not forever change Britain’s relationship with race as one headline suggests.

Nor will it change what the royal family represents, a symbol of Britishness: Empire and whiteness. Her grandfather in law to be, the racist Philip, asked a woman during a visit to Kenya if she was a woman. And brother in law to be, William recently spoke about the overpopulation of Africa putting wildlife at risk. He is on his third child at taxpayers’ expense. And he also enjoys wealth historically accumulated in the African slave trade.

Meghan Markle

The Royals reinvented themselves in 1917 from the German House Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to House of Windsor to protect the institution. They do so again with the marriage of Meghan and Harry. The Windsor’s are presenting themselves as a diverse modern family. They are anything but. And so, it’s the Windsors who are the winners in the Meghan-Harry relationship. Meghan Markle unwittingly provides a dusky hue which plays to multiracial Britain and legitimises the royals. So, the Windsor’s gain in popularity while maintaining their narrow authoritarian grip on Britishness, patriarchy and Empire.


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