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Thursday 3rd March was World Book Day.


WereratWererat by Jonathan P. Brazee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Wererat deserves 3.5 stars

I was attracted to the idea of this book. Instead of being a huge imposing werewolf or another big were-beast, the protagonist is a wererat! I imaged this book would be hilarious. It was not but it is no less worthy of reading because of this.

It was a good read. It tackled diversity and self-love without mentioning either word. The only ‘but’ being the single black character in the book was continually addressed as The African. Given the sheer size of the African continent and it being the most diverse place on earth, identifying and referring to a character by continent of origin was preposterous.

The book did not always go in the expected direction. I assume that future novels will build on some of the characters mentioned in this book, like the were-eagle and Tabby, the protagonist’s sister.

Wererat is a satisfying little fantasy adventure book, which I would recommend.

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