US 2016 Election The Politics Of Misogyny -

US 2016 Election The Politics Of Misogyny

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FBI Director James Comey told the Republicans of a further investigation into the emails of Hilary Clinton.  Well, they were not Hilary’s but her colleague’s. An explosive media frenzy  followed. Suspiciously,  there is talk, but no detail.  Adding insult to injury, the FBI told Hilary’s camp of the email enquiry after the Republicans.  The FBI’s  behaviour was discourteous and the emails of negligible value but the impact was significant. They have assumed greater significance than Trump’s behaviour. Meanwhile, Hilary’s psychological abuse is ignored.  That is the politics of misogyny,

Right wing white men want to reclaim the control they are losing. Hilary is their nightmare: A WOMAN AS COMMANDER IN CHIEF!  Republicans do not consider women trustworthy. After all, women would lie about incest and rape to get an abortion. So much so that the Republicans want a woman to get written permission from her father for an abortion.  Unless it was ‘legitimate rape.’ It is part of the myth that women are not trustworthy. So Trump telling lies at a rate of 71 per hour is preferable to a woman.  That is the politics of misogyny

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Apologies Mistakes and Rumour

An earlier FBI investigation cleared Hilary of any email wrongdoing. Hilary apologised for using the private email server. At the time it was the practice of some Senators. No rule prohibited it. Hilary has made other mistakes. She voted with the Bush Administration for attacking Iraq; she has apologised.

Rumours surround the Clinton Foundation and Haiti.  Hilary has denied wrongdoing. Polifact are fact checkers.  According to them,  for the most part, Hilary has not profited from the Foundation, but it did help to raise her profile. Similarly, there is no unbuilt hospital or sweatshop.  An American Government Accountability Office report discovered no hint of wrongdoing with the Earthquake fund.

Trump, however, has much to apologise for* but doesn’t.

Experience and Qualifications

Hilary is a post-graduate who served as First Lady. She was a US Senator and US Secretary of State. Hilary implemented a global strategy to, reduced the spread of HIV, and lower infant and maternal mortality rates. She has a history of good works stretching back to her undergraduate days.

So Hilary has the prerequisites for being President of the USA. She has an established record of civil service, a lifetime of experience, compassion and intelligence.

Donald Trump, however, is a dishonest man who lacks self-control. He has a history of not paying debts, bankruptcy and little or no business acumen. Trump’s inheritance would have amassed more wealth had it been deposited in a saving account.  He has no political experience or tax returns! Trump is low on compassion but high on sexual predation. His degradation of women, the disabled, Blacks, Mexicans and Muslims is unpardonable.


Yet, the headlines are about emails! They have eclipsed Trump’s confession of sexual assault and catalogue of offensive behaviour. That indicates that if Hillary were a man, the emails would not even be noteworthy. Trump says ‘She’s tainted’ and he is right. It seems like dint of their birth taints women in politics.

I expect the emails will conclude, like the first inquiry by the FBI, nothing to answer. Nonetheless, Hilary has faced threats of death and imprisonment. Her image is used as a Bullseye for target practise and as a hanging effigy. Her face has appeared as a meme for countless tasteless jokes.  She endured female-specific vulgarities. It is cruel and ugly behaviour.

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US 2016 Election The Politics Of Misogyny

Overall neither the press nor the public has come out in solidarity against the psychological violence.  It is because Hillary is a woman. Sexism is so deep rooted in our society, that even women sometimes cannot see it. Instead Trump, a vulgar misogynist who has told one lie every four seconds, could be the President. He should never have got this far, but this election has been testosterone led.

These two candidates are not equal. I hope when I wake up next Wednesday morning that a woman will be President. Not because Hilary is a woman, but because she is the best candidate for the post who happens to be a woman. And that is the most radical anti-establishment politics there can be in America. It will not end misogyny, but it will give American women bigger dreams.

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  • Well I have had enough of this subject of who is’ best ‘as the next American president; it kills me, as it would be great for all women to know that they can make it ; in any chosen field of working life. BUT in the other guy( he who should not be named) might upset the apple cart and could get in. Holy marloney we all better watch out if that happens. We should cross our fingers and hope that short memories don’t rule the day! and that those who vote, don’t protest vote, but really consider the future. Isn’t it meant to be land of the brave, I hope they don’t become cowards…

    • Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure about the home of the brave, home of the gun definitely! Crossing my fingers with you

  • Super blog. I did not consider the psychological abuse that Hillary has faced and will no doubt continue to face irrespective of the end result.
    There is no other industry or sphere where such hate and bare faced discrimination would be tolerated wholesale.
    I’m not a Hillary super fan but I recognise the need for meritocracy.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Nippy x

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. Should Hilary win, her troubles will begin, especially if the House of Reps is filled with Republicans!

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