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It’s funny old times in that unelected conservatives are running our democracy. And the local elections are a prime example.  The unelected mainstream media [MSM], which is rightwing, spin tales of failed Labour, ignoring legitimate voters being turned away in alarming numbers. Such unelected conservatives are undermining democracy although Britain has not even reached a state of full democracy. And on an undemocratic but Royal note, I’m puzzled by Royal hospitality.

Local Elections & Strange Defeat

The MSM headlines screamed of Labour’s defeat at the local elections sending a message of despair to Labour voters.  The opposite of Labour’s defeat is a Tory victory, so they were rejoicing.

But the actual facts paint an entirely different picture to that promoted by the Tories and the MSM.  The Tory’s lost control of two councils and also 33 councillor seats.  In total Tory’s control 46 councils.  So, perhaps Tory jubilation was at regaining the racist xenophobic UKIP vote.  It was Tory Cameron who led us into the referendum to see off the UKIP vote, I guess it’s mission accomplished.

On the other hand, the MSM and the Tories are talking up Labour’s defeat.  So, I guess there is a problem with their counting.  Labour control 74 councils and gained 77 councillor seats.  Using simple maths, that is a strange definition of defeat!  And the local results translate into a general election result that could see a Labour government.  Prof Curtice explains it in the video below.

There were big losers on voting day and democracy was one of them.

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Democracy Needs Voters

Legitimate voters as I feared, were turned away in alarming numbers on polling day. And that should have been a major concern for the MSM.  A democracy needs the people to vote.  But rightwing conservative commentators like David Goodhart are pushing for an ID scheme. But it deters voters and denies people their right to vote.

The pilot ID scheme saw 1.7% of voters denied the right to vote because they did not have ID even when the Polling Station knew the voter.  But in person, electoral fraud is practically non-existent.  Bromley Borough piloted the controversial ID scheme.  And the highest number of refusals were in Crystal Palace, ‘the most deprived and diverse part of the borough’.  Britons have never needed ID to exercise our basic democratic human right and we shouldn’t now.

Unelected Threats Too Democracy

Unelected conservatives such as the MSM present a real threat to democracy. They have called English judges the ‘Enemies Of The People’, and misrepresent facts, such as the local election result.  Misrepresenting Labour undermines the work of ordinary citizen campaigners and attacks people’s hope.

Commentators and Think Tanks like David Goodhart’s push for controls that curtail our democratic freedoms.  The Bad Boys of Brexit incite racism and encourage fake news. The Establishment encourages us to fall in line and keep in line and not push the boundaries. So all around us, we are pushed into accepting conservative ways of being. Even statues like Millicent Fawcett’s point toward a sedate conservative movement for women’s rights, unlike the fiery Ms Pankhurst’s.

We need to push back.  No to voter ID and I’d encourage the use of other reliable sources of media for news.


An Odd Wedding Invitation

Multiculturalism enriches Britain and I find that I have so much in common with my Greek and Turkish friends.  As with my Hindu, Sheik and of course the Caribbean crew.  For all of us celebrating and food go hand in hand.  Our hospitality is second to none.  I cannot leave the homes of my friends until I am ‘have to undo the top button on the pants’ stuffed.  And being on a diet is no excuse.

Now Britain has stolen or adopted the best practices of the nations it terrorised. Tea from China, Coffee from Africa, yoga from India and so forth.  But it seems that the Royals are electing to avoid the custom of hospitality that was so common in conquered countries.  The Royal couple Harry and Meghan have invited 1,200 everyday citizens to witness their nuptials.  And along with the invitation is a request to pack your sarnies, because the two-some have no intention of feeding their guests.

What an inhospitable and contemptible way to treat guests.  My RSVP would be in the bin.

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