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Theresa May Champion or Charlatan ?

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Many find Theresa May’s 2017 conference speech memorable for either her coughing fit or the P45 prank.  However, it’s her speech that I find memorable. Its liberal overture is a sharp contrast to her vile nationalism just 12 months before. So, I think they show Theresa May for the person she is. And whatever her current label, charlatan might have to be on the list.

Champion or Charlatan

The coughing and p45 have distracted from the content of May’s speech. She says she entered politics to help the underprivileged but presides over policies that are inherently unfair.

A year ago against the soundtrack of Sam Cooke’s A Change Is Gonna Come May delivered a blistering attack on immigrants. It was a shameful nationalist speech design to woo the hardest UKIP supporters. It did, making nationalism Government policy.

However, this year in a volte-face Theresa May is compassionate and liberal and speaking for the voiceless.  Both cannot be true she is either a people’s champion or a charlatan.


May said ‘Never allow the Left to pretend they have a monopoly on compassion.’  But I ask where is May’s?
The UN has denounced our government’s welfare policies for failing to protect people with disabilities. It’s heartless and embarrassing for Britain which has the sixth largest economy in the world.

To ‘incentivise,’ people to work her government continue to cut and cap benefits despite the record levels of child poverty. In some cases, caps are so severe that the High Court has ruled some illegal.

Free Markets

May’s speech also argues the value of the free market (buying and selling without regulation).  She says that it ‘ushered in the collapse of Communism’ in the Soviet Union.  However, it came with grinding poverty and the rise of the Russian far-right. Russian oligarchs meanwhile are living large in London and land banking.

In Britain, the free market has seen a ‘record numbers of jobs’ created and matched by a record number of people in work and receiving state benefits.  It’s reverse welfare.  We are subsidising business wages.


And while May decries Jeremy Corbyn and Labour she adopts Labour policies once jeered by the Tories.  May is promising to hold tuition fees which they tripled, and freeze energy prices and build social housing.

The £2bn for affordable housing with some council properties only provides 5% of homes needed. On the other hand, ‘May is pumping £10bn into a housing policy that worsens the housing crisis: Help to Buy has kept house prices high, provides subsidies to a small number of people, and does nothing to address the chronic shortage of low-cost housing’.

May has been using EU citizens’ like pawns but now say that their rights will be guaranteed. That differs from draft reports which says they will not have any rights to be reunited with their families at all.  In the meanwhile, the government is charging them for sending an email for basic information.

Theresa May Be Not

So, quoting Jo Cox; wearing a bracelet of Frida Kahlo, a member of the Communist party who dated Trotsky; and sprouting Labour lite politics does not a liberal you make.

Theresa May is a mediocre individual sitting in high powered positions because of class and privilege.  Yes, that applies to many Tories but May is championing ‘equality.’

Theresa May wears many labels. The ‘Iron Lady Mark 2’ before the election. ‘Strong and stable’ during the election.  ‘Nationalist’ during last year’s party conference and ‘Liberal’ during this year’s.  Now May is the ‘calm’ leader.  Personally,  I think the most accurate label would be a charlatan. Don’t you?


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