The Privilege Prince: Harry -

The Privilege Prince: Harry

Prince Harry in full regimental uniform |

I read a recent story
About our Prince Harry
He told the media
He could never go and tarry
He could not drink alone
People were like his tracking drones

What Harry forgot to say
There are hundreds of zones where the people are kept at bay
He mixes with his own kind, rich, privileged,
but not maligned
For the imbalance of their wealth or
What they have stacked on the shelf

He can live in social housing
Without the shame
Because our system does not blame
The royal family for being benefit scoundrels, see

So Harry don’t complain
Our lives will never be the same
By dint of race, I get followed about
Called welfare queens
They say we’ve done nought

By dint of birth, you have it all
Access to super-injunctions
Guards around you at the mall
You’ll meet a girl, rich and blue
George Bush’s daughter is being thrown at you

Don’t be miserable
Please don’t moan
Your tomorrow is secure
In that you’re alone


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