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The Power Of Secrets, The Conspiracy Of Silence

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It was last Thursday 10 July 2014, that I asked listeners of Galaxy AFW whether they thought that Mrs Thatcher was promoted and supported in cabinet because of a tacit knowledge of paedophilia amongst Parliamentary Tories and if that knowledge perhaps played a role in why some MP’s have worked so hard to preserve her status?

It is not being suggested for one moment that this was fact, just asking the question, floating a thought. Perhaps the headline in the Daily Mirror yesterday (Monday 16 July 2014) may give some support to an affirmative answer “Margaret Thatcher knew all about underage sex ring amongst ministers” the article is here. William Hague, who recently resigned from Cabinet, was also identified as a person with knowledge. It may be that William Hague’s resignation is merely coincidental with the naming but it does not hurt David Cameron to have him out of the glare of publicity on this matter.

Some things must be said and there are times when silence becomes an accomplice to in justice – Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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