That's When You're Living -

That’s When You’re Living

three hurdles against a stormy background

Rarely do things go the way you plan,
sometimes there are unexpected moments of brilliance,
but very rarely,
hard work is meant to pay off and in an ideal world it would,
but this is not an ideal world,
9 times out of 10 you’re going to work yourself into the ground
and get nowhere,
9 times out of 10 you’re going to feel ready and still fail,
9 times out of 10 you are going to feel cheated,
karma has a funny way of just not working,

they say good things fall apart so that better things can fall together
but most of the time it just keeps falling apart
and keeps falling faster than you can possibly rebuild.
But I’m talking about that 1 out of 10.
The 10% high that makes the 90% low feel
like a mere needle in your haystack of triumph.
The sheer incomparable exhilaration of achieving the one thing you have strived for for what was seemingly an age,
now not even seeming a second.
And then it’s gone.

Back to the sadistic harsh reality of life,
to facing that melancholy existence of broken hearts and crushed dreams.
But does it stop there ?
Now it’s back to the 90%, the 9 out of 10 the struggle, the determination,
the emotion, the never ending endurance of it all.
But that 10%, whatever it is for you,
that is when you’re living.

by Mr.

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  • Did you compose this piece? If so why does it end “by Mr.”? If not, please tell us the full name of the author/authoress!

    • Hello Eric,

      Trusting all is well. I wish I had composed this piece, alas, I did not.
      The poet is called Mr. It is short and sweet. I know the poet he is a very disciplined young man and I think his work is good.

      • Roz

        When I read this I was struck by how good it was, not only as philosophy, but also as writing. I thought that you must have written it but are too modest to put your name to it. It seemed incongruous that you claim copyright yet signed it as being a man’s creation.

        My view is that this young man’s writing is much more than simply ‘good’. I hope that you, I and many others will give him support in his writing in every way possible.

        All is never well in the world, as you well know!

        Excellent post by you.

        I would encourage ‘Mr.’ to reveal and use his full name in future, and to claim credit on his own behalf for the above writing.

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