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Sexism and Racism Explained

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There are some people who do not believe that sexism and racism (white privilege) exists. It does. Other people do not understand what sexism or racism means. Looking at these issues through the eyes of another helps to clarify them. I am pleased to say, I have found a young man who can explain it beautifully.

As I wrote this, I knew some Black men when reading it would be shaking their heads and muttering ‘damn feminists.’  They live in a world where the battle for them is racism.  That, unfortunately, is the luxury of patriarchy.  Black men have one fight, but I have two: sexism and racism.

However, this post is exciting and unusual. I have found a fourteen-year-old boy white boy who can explain both sexism and racism.  Royce Mann recognises the benefits of patriarchy (sexism), and white privilege (racism) and defines why society is slow to change it. Enjoy his poetry. It is a pleasure and an education.

I sign off happy, and secure in the knowledge there is hope for the artificial constructs of sexism and racism to be dismantled.

Sexism and racism explained

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