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Senior Citizen Home Assessment Information

affectionate black elderly coupleLiving at home for as long as possible is something that every elderly person generally embraces. It’s about independence, and a little help when needed, maybe for getting out of bed, taking medication or more.

Support services may be able to provide that help. Support services come in a wide range and senior citizens might be legally entitled to that help at little or no cost depending on their income and expenses. The Adult Social Services dept of the local council are responsible for arranging an assessment of needs. Here is a link to help find your local authority. All senior citizens are entitled to one free assessment.

The assessment should reflect the needs and wishes of the senior citizen but consideration is given to the needs and wishes of a carer if one is already in place. Following the assessment, a care plan will be agreed and written out. It is usual that the at home service is charged for but the local council must work out how much is affordable for the senior citizen to pay, leaving a reasonable level of income. Where the senior citizen is assessed as needing community care services and there are not costs attached because of financial issues, the senior citizen may be able to purchase and arrange their own care.
For more information Age UK provide a freephone number 0800 169 6565. website ageuk.

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