Rent Arrears -

Rent Arrears

rent arrears

If you are in social housing, for example the landlord of your property is a council and you have an Assured or Secure Tenancy, you cannot be evicted without a court order and the court has to issue a bailiff with a warrant to evict you.

Do not pay the rent arrears or any sum if there is a notice seeking possession of your home. In theory the council can take the money and still continue with the proceedings.
Seek help from a solicitor or an advice agency. The advice agencies listed below cover the borough of Wandsworth but they can direct and signpost inquiries for other boroughs.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau provides advice and support here.
South West London Law Centre: 125 Bolingbroke Road, SW11 1DA Telephone 020 8767 2777
Nucleus: Telephone 020 7373 6262 to arrange an appointment with a housing advisor
Springfield Law Centre: Drop-in at Admissions Building, Springfield University Hospital, 61 Glenburnie Road, London SW17 7DJ. Telephone 020 8767 6884

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