Racism Sexism May Become Lost Voices With Popularism -

Racism Sexism May Become Lost Voices With Popularism

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In America, Britain and Europe, popularism has taken hold with a breed of establishment politician who says they are anti-establishment. They are also anti-integration and anti-women.  That is racism and sexism.  Lost Voices, the poem, below, is about racism, sexism, and the voices lost to it.

In 2016 the political pendulum has swung to the right.  We are in danger of losing some of the rights hard-fought for and won. Racism and sexism never went away, but we did make inroads for social justice in these areas.

Racism and Sexism Hurt

The poem below explains racism and sexism beautifully. It is because of the pain of racism and sexism we must be careful of the type of popularism that we embrace.  Otherwise, these voices will be lost.

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Lost Voices: Racism Sexism

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