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Pro Life A Morally Inconsistent Arguement

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IWD led me to think about the joy of motherhood. It’s probably the most beautiful thing in the world and the scariest. I’m not sure which part I dread the most. The idea of pushing something so big out of an area so small. Or being responsible for another human being for the rest of one’s life. Parenthood is such a big decision that it’s not my place to force it on another person, but Pro-Life thinks it is theirs. The conservative movement seeks to save the lives of unborn children. But, on examination, their agenda looks anti-women.

Pro-Life A Morally Inconsistent Argument

Pro-Life, with its banners bearing babies, sees itself as a noble cause, but their actions belie that. Robert Lewis Dear, a pro-lifer was responsible for the mass shooting in a Planned Parenthood clinic. He believed that life was so sacred, that he took it. That anomaly holds true for pro-lifers who support the death penalty, war and the gun lobby.

On the other hand, they are the same conservatives who do not support government spending to improve the standard of living for children. In Britain, tax credits and benefit cuts have increased the number of children living in poverty. While in America there is a rush to repeal the Affordable Care Act which provides for children’s health care or preventing free school meals. There are also those who are pro-life except when the child is gay or a girl. Then there is an objection to women having equal rights (video below).

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Criminalising And Controlling Women And Girls

Contraception is not 100% efficient, and a pregnancy is a life changing event. It disrupts all aspects of a woman’s life: her body, education, and finances. Also smaller families have a longer and more prosperous life than large ones. So women want abortions for a variety of reasons, often combined with a lack of personal stability.

In the UK, abortions are only available in a clinic with the approval of two doctors when women meet certain requirements. Except in Northern Ireland, where it is illegal to have an abortion even if the conception arose from incest or rape. Outside of those narrow margins, abortion is illegal punishable by life imprisonment. Even buying abortion pills is a criminal act. Worldwide more than 21 million unsafe abortions are leading to women’s deaths. It’s all terribly wrong. Reproductive health should be safe and not criminalised.  

Still, Pro-Life ignores these relevant facts dismissing women as hosts and seek to further control women by requiring men’s permission to abort.

A woman and a bishop trying to own the key to reproductive rights |

Pro-Life Anti-Women

If Pro-Life cared for life, then women’s sexual health would be considered important. That would mean teaching healthy sex education and boys learning that parenthood is also their responsibility. Rape and misogyny would also be taken seriously.

So it’s not so much that Pro-Life is pro-life, as it is anti-women. It’s hard to find them among supporters for planned parenthood, which would reduce the need for abortion. Instead, they prefer to wave banners with pictures of babies for shock value which is cruel and a misrepresentation. In the early stages of pregnancy when abortions usually take place the foetus is a cluster of cells.

Motherhood should be a joy. So, I believe that whichever decision a woman makes we must support and respect.


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