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President Trump – Please Don’t Impeach Him

President Trump and Mike Pence |

Please don’t impeach President Trump. Don’t misunderstand me. I would rather Trump were never elected. He continually uses the expression America First, the slogan of the German-American Nazi Party which identifies him as a fascist. Yet, Trump’s domestic renewal ideas like infrastructure development are Democratic policies in the tradition of Lyndon B. Johnson and Franklin D. Roosevelt. That will be unacceptable to the Republicans who are manoeuvring to impeach President Trump. Consequently, there is a 50/50 chance that Vice President (VP) Pence, could become President. He would be the 10th VP to do so and he would have the support of Congress, unlike Trump.  However, Pence’s ideology is dangerous. He believes you can pray gayness away and has scant regard for health arguing that ‘Smoking doesn’t kill.’ Pence has ridden roughshod over the rights of blacks, women, the poor, and the LGBTQ’s. President Trump is a narcissistic, misogynistic, racist bigot, but rather him than Pence.

Pence Doesn’t Give A Damn But He Should

Mike Pence was the Governor of Indiana until 9 January 2017. He describes himself as a ‘Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.’ So perhaps he believes that black people are cursed descendants of Ham (Genesis 9:25). That might explain why he never visited the West Calumet Housing Project. It is home to African-Americans and Latinos and is situated around poorly regulated industrial plants. Lead and arsenic have contaminated the area. Between the air and the soil, residents are at significant risk.

Akeeshea Daniels has lived there for 13 years during which time she had a hysterectomy (29), has also lost 55% percent of her bone mass and suffers rheumatoid arthritis. Xavier (12) her son has severe asthma, has been diagnosed with ADD and has a myriad of allergies. Attorney Rooth says the children are the lost generation in terms ‘of cognitive and mental problems’. Half of the residents have been moved.

President Trump West Calumet Housing Project |

Pence and The Poor

Mayor Copeland asked Pence to declare a state of emergency which would make funds available to assist West Calumet residents in relocating. Pence refused. However, he gave tax breaks of $7 million to Carrier Corporation. Governor Pence also managed to prioritise visits to Greentown when they had their lead scare and to Kokomo to speak with those affected by tornado damage. They are white communities.

Meanwhile over in Scott County, 1% of the population has HIV. It was avoidable. Ed Clere former Chairman on Public Health identified that users were injecting opioids more than ten times a day. So they were at risk of HIV infection from dirty needles. Clere supported Needle Exchanges to prevent the spread. Pence opposed it. Except Clere’s pressure group received growing publicity while incidents of HIV rose. That forced Pence to concede. However, he refused state funding for the project after 30 days.

Pence has not just refused to give funding to the less well off, but he has declined to receive it. He vetoed an application for $80 million of Federal pre-school funding, replacing it with $10 million of state funding. He accepted the federal expansion of Medicare but added provisos. There were penalties for ‘inappropriate’ visits to the A&E, and those living just above the poverty line had to pay toward the premium.

Mike Pence and The Zealots |

Pence’s Righteous Wrath

As Governor, Pence spearheaded campaigns against women and the LBGT community. He introduced the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which allowed Indianan businesses to discriminate against LBGTQ people.  Pence’s act was so toxic that it adversely affected the Indianan economy.  A revised emergency act was passed.

He is against women choosing when motherhood is right for them, despite the fact that America has 415,129 children in foster care. Pence’s abortion act was draconian. It also prevented the abortion of the foetus with a disability. Doctors could also be liable for wrongful death. A federal court has struck it out.

However, if Pence became President, he would have the power to elect perhaps as many as four Judges to the Supreme Court. So the highest court in America could be as right-wing and reactionary as Congress. That is all the more worrying for these are lifetime appointments.

For all his Christian moral outrage Pence is a man of half-truths and falsehoods. He ran a smear campaign against an opponent and has used campaign funds to pay his mortgage and other personal expenses. His behaviour is decidedly unchristian. He has turned away Syrian refugees and declared ‘There’s been far too much of this talk of institutional bias or racism in law enforcement.’

President Trump – Please Don’t Impeach Him

Unlike President Trump, Pence is part of the political establishment. Republicans would rather deal with Pence a bōnə ˈfīdē Republican than with Trump. Trump’s liberal policies do not sit well with the Republicans. Many of them had careers or campaigns supported by Big Pharma. So Trump’s promise to force pharmaceutical companies into competitive tendering makes them very uncomfortable. Similarly, with Trump’s promise to rebuild the infrastructure and to tax Wall Street to fund education. As racist as Trump is these policies will help the poorest people and that includes black people. The Republicans will fight him every step of the way. As narcissistic misogynistic and bigoted as Trump is I would rather him than Pence. So please, don’t impeach him.

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