Police Officers Should Serve The Public Not Intimidate Us -

Police Officers Should Serve The Public Not Intimidate Us

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An out of control policeman wrecked the car of a young black man who sat in the vehicle and recorded the damage. Too often this type of attitude (if not the behaviour) is displayed toward black men, women and children, for the crime of breathing whilst black. Police officers should serve the public not intimidate us.

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Driving along in the wet, with stomach pains that required my hot-water bottle and Agatha Christie’s ‘Body In The Library’ playing, the police stopped me for allegedly speeding. To ‘Charge Of The Lightbrigade’, it may have been possible, to ‘Dancehall’ I might have had to apologise. To Miss Marple? With stomach cramps? In the rain? Come on. To shorten the tale, eight white male officers surrounded the car and then tried to drag me out the car through the driver’s window. I was grateful that night for 1. Child proof locks and 2. My puppy fat.

The officers tried to snatch my phone.  They gave me 15 minutes to produce my licence. Or they would section me (detained under the Mental Health Act). It was delivered to the scene, pretty damn skippy.

Sounds unbelievable! I could add that on paper; I would be considered a ‘middle-class’ person. Except for there are those who see black people as a homogeneous criminal class despite evidence to the contrary. The single criteria for stopping certain citizens in Britain is the colour of their skin.

a swarm of officers surrounding a lone black man | Police Officers Should Serve The Public | www.imjussayin.com

The Crime Of Being Black

The crime of being Black may not exist on the statute books, but it does in the minds of some officers. Often, the ‘stopping’ offence has no merit. Only 9% of such stops result in arrests usually for insignificant amounts of cannabis. When stopped the police routinely, verbally and physically, abuse Black people. Officers know how to taunt and mentally attack. An initial stop for a non-offence becomes resisting arrest. The Police disproportionally arrest and strip search Black People.

Police Officers Should Serve The Public | www.imjussayin.com

Police Officers Should Serve The Public Not Intimidate Us

Even cries for help from the police have led to abuse. A 22-year-old professional black woman probably had her drink spiked.  The police arrested her. She was stripped naked by four male officers and one female officer held her down in a cell.  They forcibly removed every item of clothing, including cutting her bra from the front of her body. She was naked in the cell for half-an-hour with the CCTV camera broadcasting the images back to the custody desk. Her spiked drink ignored. She woke up in the hospital. The Met paid her damages of £37,000.

The police treat children like adults.  Officers stop, taser and strip-search children. Three female officers from the Merseyside Police forcibly stripped a 14-year-old girl.  The girl had a history of being sexual abused and suffered from mental illness. The police did not inform her mother until after the event.

The police deploy these unsavoury tactics in areas with high black populations such as Lambeth and Southwark. Therefore, Black children, are more likely to suffer these indignities than white children.

Mental Scars Affect Us Leaving Our Cars

The officer in the video should be relieved of all his duties. I have no confidence in the officer’s ability to enforce the law rationally or impartially at any stage.

The police unjustifiably stop Black people regardless of their age. Officers behave in a cavalier, and cruel manner. They intimidate, humiliate and incense their victims, for that is what we become, victims. Irrespective of our vulnerability at the time.

Consequently, Black people are cautious when the police ask us to leave the vehicle. Our dignity, sanity and physical well-being depends on that judgement.


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  • Not only should he be relieved of his duties, he should be charged with criminal damage, assault with intent, vandalism etc

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. I cannot see how his behaviour was ‘in the course of his duties’ and an investigation in needed.

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