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Plastic Straws – Why Shouldn’t Use Them

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If I were to ask you what the worse invention is, few would reply plastic.  I am one of the few.  For plastic products are generally awful.  Primarily because they are bad for the environment, like plastic bags which I discussed previously.  They are also a by product of fossil fuels and their extraction does untold damage to the planet. But let’s just focus on the plastic straw. So we can all change a little habit but have a big affect.

The Straw

The drinking straw has been around forever and it probably started life as a reed.  However, the Sumerians (an ancient people of Mesopotamia) had straws made of gold inlaid with precious stones. People commonly used straws made from rye grass. Until Marvin Stone’s 1880 paper invention.  But it all went wrong when we went plastic.

The Plastic Straw

Britain and America love the plastic straw.  We use 550 million a day. That means that we throw away 550 million daily. But society by and large cannot recycle plastic straws. So, they will be here more or less forever.  For plastic straws take 200 years before they break down and become tiny toxic particles.

But way before they break down, plastic straws find themselves in the sea where they are damaging our environment. The International Coastal Cleanup found plastic straws & drink stirrers among the top five polluting items. Yet, we don’t need them and there are many environmentally friendly alternatives.

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Plastic Straws We Shouldn’t

Plastic straws endanger and kill wildlife. They harm sea life and turtles who may become extinct. Please, watch the video below to see how how plastic straws end up maiming turtles. It’s not pretty.  So, we can try to appease our conscience by buying recyclable plastic straws but they will end up in the sea too.  Here is why.  There are no plastic straw recycling plants.  So, all plastics go to central banks.  And as the plastics move along conveyor belts, the small items like straws slip through the cracks.  So, they can end up in landfills and/or the sea.   

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Plastic 3 R’s Plus One

We can practice the 3 R’s

  • Reduce the amount of plastic that you use.  Like, avoiding plastic straws.
  • Reuse.  Become a hacker and find ways to reuse the plastic you buy.
  • Recycle

And join the Last Plastic Straw campaign.


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The Sea Turtle And The Plastic Straw


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