Oppression and Racism in 2018 -

Oppression and Racism in 2018

I had the pleasure of sharing time and space with the young collective Poetic Unity and this spoken word poetry from Jamal, titled Cage Revolution,  is haunting. And it speaks to oppression and racism.  So, I am sharing it with you. 

Cage Revolution

You can listen to the full programme here and it’s a worthwhile listen.

Oppression and Racism

The last thing that I ever want to talk about is racism.  But lately, it has become so glaring.  I will visit the subject because racism is a tool to restrict the freedoms of society by dividing us.  But not in today’s post.  The image below says it all. – i’mjussayin

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  • Blind the mind of the unbeliever, all that glitters is not gold. Comes to mind as the reason for this type of behaviour being seen as normal. We all are duty bound to be aware and to challenge these types of action.

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