Once A Man, Twice A Child? -

Once A Man, Twice A Child?

Mr & Mrs Harrison aged 95 & 96

Mr & Mrs Harrison aged 95 & 96

After 10 years of companionship, 95-year-old Eddie Harrison married his companion, 96-year-old Edith Hill. Age nor race was a barrier but family were.

Sadly, Patricia Barber, Edith Hill’s daughter was not happy about the union because “it would complicate the eventual distribution of Hill’s estate” she said in court.

Against her will Edith Hill was forced to spend time with her daughter Mrs Barber and sensing he would never see Edith again after the 2 week holiday period, Eddie checked himself into the hospital with ‘flu and a broken heart, where he died shortly after admittance.

How we forget that one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mum and dad.

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