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Rapists Rape Not Alcohol – Note To Ched Evans

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Ched Evans has warned women against alcohol. He says that ‘There are genuine rapists out there who prey on girls who have been drinking.’ Evans is spectacularly unqualified to be an armchair expert or to be doling out advice. We already know from his cheating that he has no respect for women. That his fiancé chose to stay with him does not mean that all women are stupid. Apparently, he thinks so. Otherwise, why would we want advice from a man who has sex with a drunk 19-year-old, after videoing her having sex with his friend? Then leaves via the fire escape, to return at some point to his fiancé. Monstrous.

The issue is not about women who are drunk. It is about men who prey on drunk women. So, I certainly don’t want to hear advice from a person who thinks sex with a drunk woman is acceptable. Unless of course, it is to say Do not be alone with Me [Evans] while drinking.

Rapists Rape Not Alcohol

Evan’s is now rising from his ignoble filth to slime over women. What he is saying places the onus and responsibility on the woman to behave in a certain way to prevent rape. Drinking is not a crime. Raping women is. So, the level of responsibility the victim has for that is absolutely none. Nonetheless,  rape is the only crime where the victim becomes the accused.

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Evans warning is typically misogynistic, narcissistic and inconsiderate. It adds to the victim blaming that already exists. His words don’t help they harm. For attaching any degree of blame to a victim does not stop rape, just its reporting. Evan’s may be able to return to life as normal after his little sojourn at her majesty’s pleasure. However, his case put women’s fight for rape justice back 30 years, and his comments say to every rape victim that it is somehow their fault.

I know that there are men and women who do not agree. However, following their line of argument means that footballers who receive reckless tackles are responsible because they play the game.

The law on rape in Britain is clearly not fit for purpose.  We need a third verdict of ‘Not Proven’ which has merits and we also need to follow California and introduce legislation which is unequivocal in stating that drunk women cannot give consent.


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