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Nepotism An Unfair Corrupt Practice

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Momentum’s latest campaign video (below) has conservatives and the media in a spin.  Its parody of middle-class life highlights nepotism. In it, a chap says ‘People think they deserve a job, without doing the necessary work to get it.  Nobody ever helped me out.’  Then text appears saying ‘Got his job at a media agency through his father’.  Conservatives are shouting ‘own goal’ at Jeremy Corbyn because his son, Seb, is working for shadow chancellor John McDonnell. I don’t think conservatives get it.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with helping family or friends.  It is what we are supposed to do. However, it becomes nepotism and corrupt when that support replaces meritocracy and the regular recruitment procedure.

In practice, nepotism is appointing family/friends to positions where they are not suited to the tasks. And that is done in preference to others who are competent to perform the job.

Nepotism Is An Unfair Advantage

Nepotism AKA patronage or cronyism is an unfair advantage based on who you know. It is rife in business, the public sector and politics. David Cameron landed his first job after he got a royal equerry to ring up on his behalf. His media post was courtesy of his mother in law Lady Astor. So it’s not surprising he was unable to control his party and compromised Britain with the European Referendum!

The former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne without any experience in journalism became the editor of the Evening Standard. He is friends with the owner.  He uses it to attack Theresa May and divert from his increase of the national debt and failing austerity policy.

Osbourne also works with the company that has 1 billion invested in Uber. Uber’s London drivers according to police figures had rape or assault claims made against them at a rate of one every 11 days. So, former Mayor Boris Johnson was going to impose stricter regulations. But Johnson dropped the plans.

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However, reports say David Cameron and George Osbourne exerted pressure on Johnson. At the time, their friend Rachel Whetsone headed Uber’s PR. And her husband, Steve Hilton, is also a friend and ex-colleague of Osbourne and Cameron. The Data Watchdog is investigating.

In America Trump’s administration is packed with the politically inexperienced including Jared Kushner, his son-in-law. Kushner holds seven top positions although the 36-year-old when buying real-estate nearly bankrupted his family’s company. Ivanka, Trump’s daughter, is also a federal employee she is an Assistant to the President and the First, First Lady.

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Nepotism An Unfair Corrupt Practice

Nepotism is an unfair practice, and it encourages corruption. It removes the checks and balances found in the work environment. Who would whistle blow on a Murdoch if necessary? Or raise a management complaint?

Nepotism is an obstacle to diversity, and it favours those who can afford unpaid work experience. Everybody should have access to the same work experience and opportunities. Jobs should be an open advert.

If we honestly want a fairer society, we need to stop nepotism. We should help our family and friends. But not at the expense of meritocracy or robust recruitment procedure.


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Momentum and Nepotism


  • Well done to all who have achieved work , homes and education off the back of others!!. Your memory is very short, but the long game is; those who get the job, house and education the right way, will eventually see off the others.
    It’s not pie in the sky thinking but facts as we become more aware of how things operate, we wouldn’t tolerate the lies and misinformation around us that the governments and the business institutions give us.
    The video is a timely reminder of how the society we live in is working. As for USA ,Mr Trump will only say he’s helping the forgotten man…..

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