Murder Strikes a Pose (Downward Dog Mystery, #1)Murder Strikes a Pose by Tracy Weber

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Murder Strikes a Pose: Downward Dog Mystery 1

In A Nutshell Befriending a homeless man comes at a price. For Yoga instructor Kate Davidson it’s convincing the police he was murdered and finding a home for his huge hound. Actually, it’s a German Shepherd. Not the throwaway mystery book the cover alludes too in my opinion. Some very sobering moments but still fun.

The Protagonists It’s early days for Kate. Clearly, she has some baggage. Daddy issues and perhaps more. The character is perhaps kind to the point of foolish. But I’m looking forward to seeing her process.

The PlotThe police consider a homeless man’s death unfortunate. However, Kate befriended him and senses that it’s murder.

I’m happy I picked up this book. Its cheerful cover gives the impression of a lightweight throwaway read, but it is not. It’s a cosy mystery with depth. Most books in this genre are a two (my rating system below) but not here.

Kate, the yoga instructor, is our protagonist. She is flawed, as most of us. Her commit issues ring true, but you’ll have to read it to find out why. And Kate is too soft. So I look forward to watching her develop. Kate’s sexual encounter seems very premature. But it’s pleasing that her beau is not a policeman. That is way too easy. So, I like that the writer Tracy Weber has taxed herself. I also like that Kate is not blond. It get’s weary when the heroine is the beautiful blonde.

The exchanges between Kate and George (homeless man) felt autobiographical more than fictional. And I understood how the two could form a relationship although the author could have devoted more space to it. The writing is such that I was genuinely moved. And Bella is irresistible. But that’s from a doggie person.

The supporting characters will charm or repulse which is what they are designed to do. Again the author has picked the right details to create people we like or loathe.

I found this book very pleasing, and now I’m reading the next instalment. Looking for a repeat of book one might be a big ask but watch for the review.

Goodread, recommended without hesitation.

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Book Rating

Sexual Content: U
Language: U
Violent: U
Would I read the next one or reread ?: Yes to both

My rating system (* = star)
0* Could not finish this book (waste of time)
1* Finished the book but didn’t like it.
2* Finished the book it was okay.
3* A good read worth your time.
4* An excellent read often with a novel concept or unusual plot.
5* A magnificent read. A prominent example of the genre.