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Melania Trump Does Not Need Our Help or Concern

Melania Trump on Vanity Fair |

Following the inauguration of Donald Trump, Twitter has been abuzz with the hashtag #FreeMelania. The cry to help The First Lady comes from footage that shows her initially smiling. After her husband, President Trump, turned to speak to her, Melania’s face appears to fall. That is not a sign that she needs help. Melania Trump has been more than adequate at defending her husband. She dismissed his grabbing of women by the P*** as boy talk. Melania seems to have forgotten he was a father and 59 at the time. Her acceptance of Trump’s behaviour does not bode well for women. Clearly, she is not a moderating force in his life, but one that gives him a licence.

Melania Trump

Melania Trump was born Melanija Knavs and raised in Slovenia. From humble origins, she has married a multi-millionaire. The third Mrs Trump has held her position for 12 years. That is not to distract from her career as a model. For the first time she has appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair Mexico!

Rumour has it that she is a fan of Michelle Obama. To the extent, she plagiarised Michelle’s speech. But imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. However, that did not stop Melania from insisting that Obama’s birth certificate was a fake.

Melania Trump and Donald Trump |

Melania Trump Does Not Need Our Help

Throughout Trump’s campaign, Melania Trump has been her husband’s echo chamber. She has even given him licence to disrespect women with her maternalistic ‘boys will be boys’ attitude. So far, President Trump has stopped American funding for any international healthcare organisation that has anything to do with abortion, including providing information.  He has also put a freeze on Obamacare which extended health care to 8.7 million women.

So as Donald Trump tramples on women’s rights, don’t expect Melania to be his conscience. Not because she is trapped. In her words, “People, they don’t really know me, people think and talk about me, like, ‘Oh, Melania, oh, poor Melania.’ Don’t feel sorry for me.’ I agree with her. Trump’s decisions will affect a lot of women, it is they who need our concern and hashtags.


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  • Well is this a case of beauty and the beast? and she looked so sad, as she has now worked out that he isn’t going to change into the handsome guy; but stay looking like the gargoyle he is.
    Or has her lottery win on life(marriage to money) finally made her realise that most american people don’t have that kind of cash in the bank. ( don’t believe all the stories about making it big in the USA). But let us not forget many want to give him a chance ( they can’t read the writing on the wall of life).They will have to experience it to understand….

  • A public service announcement – navigating us back to reality! Don’t understand why there’s been this “she’s a victim too” rhetoric. Give me a bloody break already ! March women march- we’ve work to do!

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