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I have a beautiful Apple iMac, large screen, big memory and it is cool. We have been going along fine. Until recently, when I found Mac was getting a little slow. The coloured wheel (which indicates that the system is running slow) that appears to a user’s frustration, was spending too much time on my screen.

The bank balance says a new Mac is not on the horizon anytime soon. So what to do, what to do? I started by looking at my Mac memory. Wow! I have almost used up 1Tb of memory. That is a lot of memory especially as my Mac is used primarily for word processing. Okay, confession, I surf the net. Even so that does not use memory from the Hard Drive.

This called for an investigation into where has all the Mac memory gone.  Low memory is probably the reason for slow response.  I started with iTunes, and wondered why I am holding material in iTunes that I have listened to and am unlikely to use for months (perhaps years). It is a big job and I started deleting songs, podcasts and books. There is no need to hold them in iTunes, that is the reason we should all have a good external hard drive storage system.  Time consuming and tedious, I remembered that I have an app that will clean up duplicate files and highlight those not in a playlist. This app would now come into its own if only I could remember its name.

lots and lots of apps

As I hunt through more than 300 hundred apps. I can advise of three things:

  1. Don’t waste money on apps that you probably won’t use, even when they sound good. The money, it all adds up, is better in a bank account. Fewer apps enhances the performance of Mac.
  2. When you do buy an app keep a reminder of what that app does. Some apps are necessary but infrequently used like AppZapper which is discussed next.
  3. Buy the CleanMyMac and/or AppZapper app. Drag and drop installation is great but it does not work for removal of apps. Some apps, when up dating also require uninstallation. When you drag and drop an app to the trash, left behind are some of the app files. Either of these two apps will speedily and completely remove all traces of the unwanted app.

I have both apps. Let me explain!  I use CleanMyMac regularly to remove the trash and to keep the system clear of junk. However, at 56MB CleanMyMac is a larger app than AppZapper at 3.2MB. As apps go 56MB is not a big app, but it takes longer to load that the much smaller AppZapper. When I don’t want to make use of the many good functions that come with CleanMyMac, I use the simple and quick AppZapper.

I am still looking for the app to clean and tidy up my iTunes. I will keep you posted.


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  • As always, Roz your comments are provoking, well researched and practical. I hope that, in due course, you will draw attention to the proliferation of electromagnetic radiation that is endemic and increasing- not only in the environment but also in most homes.

    The new ‘Smart Meters’ due to be rolled out into every home by 2020 are a case in point. These will fill homes and surrounding homes if in close proximity (i.e. flats) with considerable additional radiation. The government has said that no one has to have a Smart Meter if they don’t want one; but the government have not highlighted this.

    I, for one, do not have even a computer in my home. I use them at a local university. It concerns and upsets me that so many spend many hours each day being exposed to large amounts of EMF and take no precautionary measures. Brain tumours can take up to 20 or more years to form. Worth thinking about nowadays.



    • Hello Eric,

      Thank you for your kind comments. I will make a point of looking into the question you have raised. I recently, agreed to having a “smart meter” fitted but did not consider if there might be issues. If not here, I will feedback on Thursday during my show on Galaxy 102.5fm between 12-3pm

      Kind regards


      • Roz

        Good to hear it. I just Googled ‘smart meters and radiation’ and found a lot of hits. I am certain you will be flooded out (hopefully) with so many alarming facts that you will decide to to rescind your agreement to having the meter installed.

        Next up (with luck) Professor Lennart Hardell- (world’s leading authority on the potential risks from the use of cell phones and other communication devices TO ADULTS).

        I have been urging everyone to refuse Smart Meters and to tell everyone they know of the consequences of allowing them to be installed. Spread the word. These devices are mostly for the benefit of the energy companies and their shareholders. They save the costs of having to enter buildings to take readings. If you are worried about your gas and elec bills the thing to do is to use less, not keep looking at meters that may compromise the health of your family.

        Looking at the meters does not save energy,


        • Hey Eric,

          You are so right. I was entranced by the meter for a couple of days and then I forgot all about it.
          Thank you for the leads. Listen out for the show on smart meters.



          • Roz

            You are developing an enviable track record for open-mindedness.

            I hope to learn, soon, that you have rescinded your agreement to the meter being installed in your home. As I interpret your post, it may already be installed. If so you can demand that it be removed on the grounds- if so- that you were not given the option of refusal before installation. I’m certain that you are enough of a lawyer to know how to go about this effectively.

            No doubt your show on Smart Meters will spread the word; necessary amongst the black community (s) who- so far as I have observed- (like almost everyone else) are enthusiastic consumers of apparatus emitting electromagnetic pollution- and who take no or few precautions.

            I would like to point out some simple, cost- free ways of avoiding some excess EMF pollution. I hope Galaxy takes these on board.

            1) Decide on limiting your use of computers (if feasible) to a set number of hours per day- and try to keep one or two days a week free from use. I suggest two (2) hours per day.

            2) Remove all mobile phone/ cordless phone, computer and electrical apparatus from bedrooms and, where possible, pull wall plugs out before going to sleep. EMF is particularly harmful during sleep. There is cogent scientific ongoing research demonstrating the beneficial effects of grounding during sleep (see scientific research). There are other substantial benefits of being grounded. I, personally, have benefited considerably from nightly grounding 8 hours during sleep. I have developed a low- cost DIY grounding scheme that will be detailed, together with photos and diagrams, in my next book.

            3) Unplug and destroy a microwave oven if you have one. Put a sledge hammer through it so that no one else can use it. These things not only emit dangerous radiation but also destroy much of the nutritional value of food: ugly and deplorable things that the public has been hoodwinked into purchasing in the name of convenience and profiteering.

            It would be great if you and Galaxy begin to take steps to debrainwash us regarding EMF pollution.


            ERIC STUBBES

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