Lucky Stiff; A Mattie Winston Mystery Review -

Lucky Stiff; A Mattie Winston Mystery Review

Lucky Stiff (Mattie Winston Mysteries, #4)Lucky Stiff by Annelise Ryan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It took me a little while to finish Lucky Stiff. I read a few books in between; this is not a reflection of the author’s work. Once I got into it, I did not stop until the end.

The author gave Mattie a coping mechanism in this book, and Mattie sure did need one. Throughout the series, we have laughed at Mattie’s situations. In many ways, she is the butt of the jokes. Mattie has a failed marriage, not through any fault of her own. She even left her job because of it. She lost her home, and she cannot have a relationship with the man she favours because it would comprise her at her new job. There is also a newspaper reporter who had been keen to embarrass Mattie any way she can, including publishing indelicate photographs. Those are just the external factors. Mattie is also insecure. Yes, she is the heroine but a flawed one. Like most of us.

Spoiler warning:

Mattie becomes a gambler. I think this is a clever move by author Annelise Ryan. It makes Mattie more human and shows vulnerability. Some people drink, others smoke and in this case, Mattie has turned to gambling. I think it has brought extra depth and lines up a good story for future books.

Much harder to accept was the ‘babe magnet’ Hurley, Mattie’s heartthrob, became in the book. Two or three women after him? We know that he is supposed to be good looking, but it seemed a bit much. To accommodate them it made the story thin in places.

Like the previous books, this one is funny. Mattie Winston Mysteries are well written, humorous, cosy mysteries. I would recommend this book, and I am off to read book 5.

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