Labour – A Disease In The Public Mind -

Labour – A Disease In The Public Mind

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There is far too much propaganda in politics paid for by wealthy, influential donors. The media should be our guard dogs. But overall the media is right-wing and owned by the rich and powerful. Journalism is partisan and headlines divisive.  The media tell us that the Tories are a strong and stable government, and Labour is incompetent. That is just opinion. However, there is a failure to ‘make a clear distinction between comment, conjecture and fact’ which the press are obliged to do. So, the constant attacks on Jeremy Corbyn leave Labour as a disease in the public’s mind and reward the Tories with an undeserved reputation for good government.  That undermines democracy.

Labour And The Economy

The Tories have poorer economic management but better spin than Labour. It is fake news that Labour is to blame for the recession. The cause was the de-regulation of the financial sector by conservative governments. Free of restraints, banks became predatory lenders.

So Labour’s increase spending on the NHS and education by 1% of GDP was not the cause. Even during the recession, Labours spending only increased 3.5% to 44.5%. Strangely, under austerity, the Tories have increased the debt to 86% of GDP. They have borrowed more in 7 years than Labour in 13. So Labour is not the party of higher debt despite the media repeating Tory soundbites.

Critical analysis of economic management by Professor Murphy found the Tories borrow more and Labour pay off more debt. So, Labour looks better at managing the economy. Labour’s funding plan is in their manifesto while the Tories manifesto has omitted such details.

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When in a bind for example unable to answer economic questions like how will £40b spending be funded? The Tory diversionary tactic is to say May is a better leader than Corbyn. It turns the election into a leadership contest and an easy win. Independent surveys show that a ‘considerable majority’ of the media is hostile to Corbyn.

The media highlight the rift in the Labour party but fail to do the same for the Tories. It gives a false impression of harmony. When Tories go to war, we all get dragged in. Leaders in a bid to save their Premiership call referendums and elections.

The press attack Corbyn for lacking charisma. Nonetheless, his honesty and sincerity give Labour the largest party membership in Europe. As for May, she is hardly evangelical. Nor sufficiently robust to face Corbyn in a debate.

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A man of integrity, Corbyn is portrayed as untrustworthy unlike May the oath breaker. Reneging on her word, she has called a snap election and increased NI.  There is also the ‘scrapping of Leveson 2‘. It will thrill Britain’s powerful newspaper groups’ but not their victims. Rupert Murdock and Paul Dacre, who recently met with May must be ecstatic. They are responsible for Britain’s two bestselling newspapers and are vehemently anti-Corbyn.

May is tough on immigration sending ‘Go Home Immigrant’ vans into diverse communities. Yet, she chooses not to use the laws already in place to reduce it. May has limited our privacy with the Snoopers Charter and is preparing more government control of the internet and the abolition of the Human Rights Act.

We are to believe the NHS is safe. However, George Osbourne has admitted that the Tories are underfunding schools and the NHS. Underfunding is the step before privatisation.

Labour – A Disease In The Public Mind

It is no accident that the media vilify Corbyn and Labour. He does not represent the interests of Press Barons, who are the kingmakers, and neoliberals. Corbyn is an unconventional leader with a leftist bent. He opposes austerity, privatisation, tax avoidance and a war agenda. However, they are billion-pound money spinners.

The media should be our watchdogs, but they are failing us. It is no longer fair and independent. Instead, they are undermining Corbyn which poisons our minds and skews democracy. It also means big money is subverting our democratic process.



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  • Yep – reckon you covered the imbalance pretty accurately, thank you for sharing your knowledge. At least we have an alternative to the biased main stream rhetoric.

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