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In Front Of Dad Mathilde Mourinho?

Jose and Mathilde Mourinho (father and daughter)

José and Mathilde Mourinho (father and daughter) attended the the GQ Men Of The Year Awards together. Sweet, I love father and daughter events and I believe that a woman should dress as she pleases.

Yet, I found myself become very Victorian in my attitude toward 18 year old Mathilde’s outfit. She was dressed in a jacket with a very deep plunging neckline with nothing worn beneath it and a very short skirt.

Clothes that show off a woman’s body is not an invitation for a man to make untoward advances as Chrissy Hynde recently suggested. Most men do not behave that way.

At 18 years of age Mathilde is a young woman and should wear what she pleases. I thought that her outfit was inappropriate to wear out with her father. On second thoughts though is that not the safest time to wear such an outfit?


  • As a feminist I felt strange feeling the same way. You’ve given me something to chew over.

    • Hello Michelle,

      Glad to have given you food for thought.
      A caller on today’s show (Galaxy 102.5Fm between 12-3pm) made the point that his daughter had been daring in her sense of dress. He highlighted that it was the way a woman conducted herself that was the issue, not the dress.



  • For me the picture speaks a 1000 words a (young) lady with part of her breasts showing intentionally and posingst beside her fully suited and booted father. Darning yes, inappropriate yes and irresponsible yes. I see boundaries constantly being pushed in the Entertaiment and Celebraty world, this is generally copied by young and older women on the streets because it is considered to be the in thing. The world of the Mourinho’s are private cars, planes and security. The risk of Mathilde getting pestered or worst by a predatory male or female is slim. However my moral compass comes from being a woman who could be her mother, older sister or auntie and how I would advise her.

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