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Immigrants Foreigners And A Bloody Difficult Woman Election

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The Parliamentary election looming on 8 June 2017 could make Britain an ochlocracy and one-party state. That has huge implications. It will affect our hopes and dreams because politics are personal. However, some politicians and headlines suggest that the biggest impact on our quality of life are immigrants and foreigners. Many see Brexit as the way to curb foreign influence. The establishment press suggests only the election of Theresa May can control Johnny Foreigner. May identifies as a ‘Bloody difficult woman’ who is ready to wrestle Jean-Claude Juncker on Brexit. So, she is standing up to foreigners and championing a faux nationalism. The press is describing her as a Boudicaesque figure. I think guileful is nearer the mark. The battle line is drawn, and the enemy is the foreigner, but not white men who speak English.

Immigrants Foreigners Elections

Theresa May says that ‘European politicians and officials’ are deliberately trying to affect the result of the Parliamentary election. Her aggressive attack on Brussels along with her ‘Let me fight for Britain’ rhetoric plays to UKIP faux nationalism. It works. The Tory party is increasing its lead in the polls. For British people believe that Brussel’s has power over Britian.  It doesn’t but there are foreigners who determine British elections.

Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch owns the Sun, Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper. Since the 1970’s Britain has never returned a Prime Minister, his editorial did not champion. Reports quote him as saying ‘When I go into Downing Street, they do what I say; when I go to Brussels, they take no notice’. So it is not surprising the Sun championed Brexit and is supporting May.

It is also a foreigner who wins elections for the Tories. Australian Lynton Crosby looks to be bringing election victory for Theresa May. Just like he did for Cameron in 2015. His campaign strategy is straightforward and efficient. It is to attack your opponent personally; also known as the ‘dead cat‘ manoeuvre.

Meanwhile, the Sun and the Mail (an offshore corporation), the biggest selling newspapers peddle that there are too many immigrants and they drive down wages. It’s untrue of course, 89% of immigrants have professional roles. But they are not all English speaking white men from former colonies, so they get a bad press.

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A Bloody Difficult Woman

May has done a volte-face on Brexit and is promoting unrealistic negotiation targets. It is backed up with meaningless soundbites. She says ‘The next person to find out [I’m a bloody difficult woman] will be Jean-Claude Junker’. Perhaps May feels that way because the EU have published their negotiation strategy.  She on the other hand insists ours is a secret. May has also nailed her colours to the anti-immigrant mast.

Theresa May has gone from being a thinking minister to a vote seeking ‘bloody difficult woman’. She is prepared to use the race card to remain Prime Minister and oversee Brexit. A policy May believes will leave Britain worse off and less safe. She is a woman of two faces. And clearly, not a woman of her word.  May said 11 times she would not be seeking an early election, but she has. I would go so far as to say she is dishonest. Little wonder constituents did not open their door to her (see video below).

British Election Week Two

As Prime Minister, May should be defending democracy and that means protecting the best interests of the people. All the evidence points to Brexit not being in our best interest.  Instead, she has become a party to the worse type of populist nationalism.  Political opinion no longer seems to be based on government policy like austerity. Rather,  Brits seem to base it on where our neighbours are from and whether English is their second language. Perhaps we have the politicians we deserve.


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