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George Zimmerman

Zimmerman Family Line

Zimmerman Family

Beware…Things Are Not Always As They Appear.

George Zimmerman has been portrayed as non-black or Hispanic by some media and black leaders. You can be both black and Hispanic. To be Hispanic means relating to Spain or to Spanish-speaking countries, especially those of Central and South America. That would be his matriarchal lineage. His mother is Peruvian.

This is a photograph of George Zimmerman’s mother’s family. The babe in arms is his mother. That makes him in American speak, at the least Biracial. This link provides further information on George Zimmerman racial identity. Also of note is that his business partner is apparently an African American.

It is for the Jury to make a decision and for us to form our own opinions in the Travyon Martin case. His cultural heritage is no excuse but denying it gives political mileage which may distract from the facts of the case.

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