Election Result Corbyn's Labour Life Affirming and Honest -

Election Result Corbyn’s Labour Life Affirming and Honest

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I’m rejoicing at the election result; it is better than I hoped. Instead of the Tories coming back with a smaller majority as I thought, they have to form a coalition. So, that will put paid to Theresa May’s dream of being an elected dictator.

It’s rather ironic that the Tory scaremongering of a ‘coalition of chaos’ and ‘terrorist sympathiser’ manifests as the Tories limping over the finishing line clinging on to the DUP. The DUP, the party May calls ‘friends’ are sectarian religious extremists with many links to Ulster militia. Those who refused to vote for Corbyn because he’s a ‘terrorist sympathiser’ must be choking. I know I advocate dialogue with extremists, but I didn’t mean sharing government.

Election Sea Change

Election night signalled a political sea change. At last an exciting one. Corbyn’s integrity and manifesto of hope bring dignity to politics. It has attracted a million new voices to the debate.  Corbyn reached out to the young and marginalised and listened. That is why Corbyn did so well and election night saw Britain’s largest turnout. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the Tories exposed their shortcomings.

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The Tories have never been the party of the people. They feel they have an innate right to rule. Politics for them is a hobby or business interest in which citizens are collateral damage. I am sure there are a few exceptions. They do talk a good talk. They claim mental health as their ‘thing’. Except, they don’t back it up. The link between austerity, mental health and rising suicide rates is all too clear.

People are weary of the ‘skiver-striver’ jingoist nature of politics; of the rich growing richer, while the rest suffer stagnated wages; price increases and rising demand for food banks. Aspiration seems like a pipe dream with England having the highest university fees in the world, and the debt to match after graduation. With no sign of homeownership or affordable housing insight, independence is a fading reality.  Also, the electorate is oh so tired of poisonous politics. Often but not exclusively employed by the Tories. Power at any price.

Tory politics are hard and brittle. Accusatory in nature. On the other hand, I look at history and the progressive thinking that formed modern Britain. It’s left-wing.

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Labour under Corbyn is life affirming and honest. Imagine it. The PLP denounced Corbyn, the Tories and corporate media demonise him. Pundits said Corbyn’s Labour would be wiped out. They must be in a state of shock. Corbyn has given Labour their biggest win since 1945, and he’s just 2,227 votes, short of being Prime Minister.

The Election is all about Corbyn’s success and how he has realigned politics. After years of being socialised into believing the right-wing ruled by divine authority, democratic socialism is back. It means that government can bail out people and not just banks. It means people first. What is the point if we cannot make all of our lives better?

It will take work to change a generation of neo-liberal discourse, but Labour has laid good foundations. Meanwhile, thanks to Corbyn, we benefit from a more representative Parliament that will encourage the government to relax austerity. Also a stronger democracy with more people taking part. As Labour prepares for the soon to come general election, they do so knowing they can win.

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