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Drill Music Responsible For Violent London

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Cressida Dick, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, blames Drill music and videos for the rise in violent crime in London. Dick’s bold statement is not backed up by any supporting evidence. So, if there is no evidence extreme music makes one angrier then why is Drill, a Black music genre, being targeted?  Drill is not the only recreational pastime with violent content. Is it because leaders like Dick can be seen to be doing something, even though it is not a solution? Implementing a ban on Drill music is a typical conservative tactic.  It is an action that does not need any public spending. But it is dangerous because it sends out a racist message about Black people being aggressive. The Establishment and media still feed society the idea that Black people are violent. And in turn that excuses tougher measurements being used against Black youth.

A few weeks ago, Black excellence was on display as discussed in this link on the royal wedding. And areas of the media hailed the royal union, incorrectly, as our post-racial point. A notion I rebuffed on the link here. And censoring Drill music confirms we are nowhere near post-racial.

Drill Down

The Met ‘requested’ that YouTube remove around half of the violent ‘Drill’ songs on their platform.  Drill refers to the repeat fire of automatic weapons.  Songs contain violent content such as stabbings, shootings, and drug use. It’s an ugly genre imported from America and emulated in the UK. Interestingly the most violent people in America are the white terrorist. So, was Dylan Roof listening to Drill or do aggressive lyrics only affect Black people? And we have a problem if that is the argument because there are not any successful drill artists! The music is in its infancy.

Yet, the police are censoring Drill. So once again the police are attacking Black artists and Black people for political gain. Until last year the police used Form 696 to deny Black audiences access to their artists. The authorities justified the ban on the basis that the music was violent.

So, preventing Black people from hearing violent music will stop the violence. Let’s look at the research. Oh, there isn’t any.

Drill And Violent Pastimes

So, let’s consider other violent pastimes. Video games can be pretty violent. But video games, despite the outcry they cause violence, are not banned. And moreover, the latest research from the University of York says no evidence exists to support a link between violent video games and behaviour.

Should we ban Shakespeare? The Barb has written some of the most violent plays in history. In Titus Andronicus, Demetrius and Chiron, rape and mutilate a woman, leaving her without a tongue to speak or hands to write. Nonetheless, society venerates the violent Shakespeare.

So are white people not prone to violent influence?

Bloody Music

Drill is not the first or only genre to speak of violence in society.  From Owen’s Dulce Et Decorum Est to Billy Holliday’s Strange Fruit, violence is the theme.  Rock is also associated with violence but nobody bans that.

Drill reflects our times. A society imploding on itself. It speaks to civil society’s obsession with money and the harsh reality of austerity. The government has cut Council funding by 49% which impacts on youth services. Child poverty is up 30%  and around 478 libraries have closed. Drill is the voice of those who are suffering austerity. Drill is how they spill their mental anguish and tell us there is a problem with our society.

So, ‘If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.’ –John F. Kennedy.  But White moralists disapproving of Drill censor it. That will not stop youth violence. There are no facts to support their argument but there is spin in abundance. The demonising of Black youth is far more preferable than headlines about further police cuts. And through the back door of demonisation, the Government is unleashing terrorist laws on Black youth.

Shutting up the generation failed by the Tories is not the answer to youth violence. Spending on education, youth activities and the police are. But tacitly racist headlines detract from the real issues.  And a fragmented society gives the Establishment excuses to be harder, not kinder.

Roseanne’s Racist Drug

Advance warning taking Ambien can make you racist. Well, that’s the sorry excuse Roseanne Barr has made for calling Valerie Jarrett an ape. Jarrett, a high-ranking lawyer in the former Obama administration, is not the first Black woman Barr called an ape. Nope. Barr has form [read on]

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  • I agree that the music of youth is telling us what they are experiencing. We all need to listen. Some of us have had the same thing happen to them; just in a different time. Violence is wrong BUT; I’ve never known music to incite violence. On the contrary it soothes the heart and mind. Violence is born from frustration and the feeling of being devalued by society.

  • This is an excellent read, it gave historic context to civil violence within the arts from the 1500’s and the unspoken inequalities found within the critique of modern black genres. So are we saying that there is “good” violence and “bad” violence ?

    As you’ve said the conservative suppression of the youth through it’s tough policies directly link to social degradation; which of course is the real issue.

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