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Down’s Syndrome Teen Arrested, Fingerprinted, Imprisoned & Cautioned

Abdul Al-Faisal

Abdul Al-Faisal

19 year old Abdulkarriem Al-Faisal, has Downs Syndrome so in some regards he is not like every other teenager. A kind society, a civilised society takes account of this.

Abdul, like every other youngster, has his favourite items. He left his favourite Chicago Bulls basketball cap at school and wanted to collect it from the classroom. So on Monday, it was Bank Holiday Monday, he went to school and did just that. He collected his cap by entering through a window at school which set off an alarm to which the police responded. And did they respond. They arrested 19 year old Abdul in handcuffs of course at 10am, though he clearly has Downs and a mental age of a 10-12 year old. The family say Abdul was also fingerprinted, swabbed for DNA and had his details put on record. Following a caution, he was released NINE hours later.

This seems so very wrong, a caution is a criminal record for which one ought to have intent. It would be reasonable to assume that 19 year old Abdul’s Downs Syndrome condition may render criminal intent void in this case. If you think this is wrong, then please sign this petition to ask the police to withdraw the caution, apologise to Abdul and his family and to stop this from happening to other young people.

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