Corbyn's Wrong? -

Corbyn’s Wrong?

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Jeremy Corbyn (JC) did not sing the national anthem at the Battle of Britain memorial service.  Corbyn’s refusal to sing God Save the Queen effectively means that “Corbyn snubs Queen and country” (Daily Telegraph).

Actually, it was not a snub to our country. The national anthem is not about the country nor the lives of the soldiers who died. It is purely about ordinary people worshipping a privileged person. I would happily lay odds that the majority of the country don’t know the words to our dirge of a national anthem, God Save The Queen.

Corbyn, who is a known republican and atheist was wrong not to sing the anthem and would have been wrong to sing the anthem. Whatever he does will attract a slew of negative headlines.  The political establishment and the establishment media strongly object to JC and principled or not, whatever he does will be wrong.


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