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This Christmas Give The Most Precious Gift

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If you are running out of shopping hours or Christmas presents ideas are in short supply (here are seven great gift ideas) then it’s time to consider Christmas’s most precious gift.  This present may not cost you one penny, but it will be a fortune.  It reflects the original message of Christmas: sharing and caring.  It is also thinking outside of the box.  The beauty of this gift is the lasting memories for both the giver and the receiver.  Enough suspense, what is the most precious gift? Time.

Use the voucher below and dedicate your time to somebody or something.  In a world packed to the rafters with stuff, and where expensive gifts replace the words and actions “I love you” give up some time and make a human connection.  There are so many ways we can enhance the lives of the people around us by giving them some of our time.  We can also help those around us by giving them the impetus to make time for themselves.

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Ways We Can Give Our Precious Gift Of Time

Teach somebody to drive.

Cut the lawn for your parents, a friend or a neighbour.

Make yourself available to babysit for an hour or two.

Take family or friends on an experience, perhaps one they wanted to go on, but nobody shared the passion.  It would be appreciated.  Me, the atheist, even went to church with a friend.  Yes, the building was intact after I left.

Go and have a cup of tea with your godparents. We know you have not seen them in years.  Telephone before you arrive, we don’t want to give heart attacks, just time.

When better to volunteer to do the washing up than after Christmas dinner!

Giving your time is always subject to the “NO SMARTPHONE‘ clause!

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Helping Somebody To Make Time

The gift of time is a wonderful present because you can also give anyone the time they need for themselves.  I have heard so many people say that they would have a spa break if they had the time. Or take cookery classes.  I have even promised to return to learning to play the guitar.

So we can make space for those “If I had the time” comments by buying vouchers for the cinema, or dancing lessons, swimming classes or purchase a joint gym membership.

Christmas’s Most Precious Gift – Time

I lost a friend who every year volunteered for Crisis at Christmas.  In his memory, I have applied to Crisis at Christmas this year. Your friends might also appreciate you helping out at their preferred charity.  It could be in a shop, or collecting items, working in the dogs home or coaching the youth football team.

When we give our time, we give the most precious gift that we have.


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