Brexit Too Toxic To Challenge May -

Brexit Too Toxic To Challenge May

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The lack of Tories lining up to replace Theresa May as PM is either because she is doing a sterling job or because Brexit is poisonous. We know the former is palpably a lie. So why is David Davis, Boris Johnson, Phillip Hammond and Liam Fox not mounting a leadership challenge? For nobody wants to be captain steering the ship toward the Brexit iceberg. So, before we sink, we should be given a second referendum based on the emerging facts. Even a condemned person gets another hearing with new evidence.

Brexit Wars

David Cameron was sent packing in 2016, and he didn’t lose an election. He lost the consultative EU Referendum that has somehow become binding. 

The referendum was his ill-conceived idea to silence Tory Eurosceptics. They have wanted to leave the EU ever since the British people voted to join. On losing the Tories were lining up to take Cameron’s place.

It’s too embarrassing to list Theresa May’s catalogue of disasters. But they include losing the election, U-Turns galore and Grenfell. So where is the challenge? There is none for Brexit is bad news from which there is no coming back.

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Brexit Iceberg

When Britain leaves the EU, the single largest trading bloc, the idea is Britain would be trading with the rest of the world. We are free to do that now. However, the idea of Britain sailing off striking deals with nations far flung is romantic nonsense.

There is heavy trading around the world, but it is happening between geographically close allied nations. Britain, however, will be isolated after Brexit. For all of Trump’s posturing about the EU and applauding Brexit, he has dumped the UK for a deal with the EU.

Talk of making deals with BRIC omit the strained relationship with Russia. Or that China, is on the brink of a crisis. And Africa is tethered with China.

That leaves the UK as a tax haven with low wages.

Economic Growth

Brexiteers point to the improvement in our trading as nothing to fear from Brexit. However, improvements are due to the weak pound. So, British exports are cheaper abroad. But here prices increase. Along with stagnating wages, it’s an inflation alert!

Also, the government hides the economic boost from the super-rich. It distorts trading figures upward. Land banking valuable property may appear good for the economy, but it prices local people out of the area. So that is a false economy.

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Brexit Truths

Unfortunately, the government has consistently blamed the EU for its bad governance. So, although the government could have dismissed the main anti-Europe points, their negative EU comments had already taken hold.

So admitting that Britain never lost its sovereignty or that we had the means to control EU immigration; just chose not too would not have worked at the time.

Since the heady days of the referendum, a more rationale honest debate has emerged. We have a better understanding of the EU and the consequences of Brexit. Should we not pause, calculate and vote again?


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