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Brexit 3 Reasons Why We Need A Further Vote

Brexit 3 Reasons | I Recently had eye surgery. I am healing well. Anyway, my surgery is significant because it shows why you must have a vote on the final terms negotiated for Brexit. The EU referendum was too simple a question on too complicated an issue. Unlike my operation where the surgeon laid out all the options and pitfalls before I marked x on the consent form. The Consultant told me that I could go blind and I consented to a general anaesthetic. A high-risk option, especially being overweight. But my anaesthetist overruled it. In his opinion the risk was too high. That’s because he is an expert, the type of person Michael Gove implied we should ignore. The Tories are making ham-fisted attempts at complex negotiations not undertaken since 1973. So here is why you should at least consider voting on the outcome of Brexit Negotiations.

Membership Not Marriage

Brexit is not a divorce. Otherwise, it would be a polygamist marriage. Britain has decided to leave the EU club. And it’s vital that we all recognise that when we cancel any service, the termination clause was set out in the contract. So, like a gym membership, if you leave before your contract expires, they have a right to payment for the outstanding months, and possibly an admin fee.

What is being called a divorce bill, is payment for services we agreed to before the 2016 vote. And Britain has received the most funding from the EU Research and Innovation programme. Nonetheless, Brexit ministers want to leave the gym and take the equipment.

Whose Brexit Is It Anyway?

Tory Eurosceptics have never supported Britain being in the EU. They brought down the Thatcher and Cameron governments. So, they never accepted ‘the will of the people’.

Eurosceptics have pumped money into the Brexit campaign to secure a victory which has led to investigations into Vote Leave spending. And there are huge question marks over Brexit funding: money was funnelled through Northern Ireland because they allow donors anonymity. Concerns also surround the use of intelligence and think tanks.

The Electoral Commission has already concluded that there is a reasonable suspicion Vote Leave has committed a criminal offence.

Bad EU Good Government

Successive governments have been vociferous in blaming the EU for areas where they have performed poorly and shamelessly usurped favourable EU policies as their own. So, government chose not to use EU immigration controls that were available and decided not to retain black British passports leaving the public with a sense the EU left them no choice.

But David Cameron claimed the plastic bag initiative just as Theresa May claims the ban on credit card surcharges. However, they are EU Directives.

Brexit 2018 | Trust Confidence Competence

I felt my surgery team was competent. So, I had complete trust and confidence in my consultant, anaesthetist and theatre nurses. It’s my sight, so I had to feel sure.

Brexit is our future. So we also have to feel secure. But I don’t feel we have a trustworthy competent team at the helm.

David Davis, Brexit Secretary, just blunders about making it up as he goes along. Brexit is not a cost-free, risk-free exercise. And Davis repeatedly said that significant impact assessments were done, which of course were favourable. Then despite having bigged-up the assessments it turns out they don’t exist.

Phillip Hammond, the Chancellor, says from April 2019 we will no longer be in the EU. But we will be in the single market, Customs Union and under EU laws with no ‘control on borders’. It’s a questionable position given that being outside of the EU also means that we have no MEPs or other forms of representation.

And Suella Fernandez MP underscores my point. She said on BBC Question Time that there would be no Brexit Bill to pay, it was Remoaner scaremongering. Despite being utterly wrong, and ignorant on Brexit Theresa May just promoted her.

So, the team gives us no reason to have any confidence in them. We need to examine any deal.

Democracy did not end on 23 June 2016. We have the right to examine the facts and change our minds. I suggest those who want to deny us an opportunity to consider the terms of Brexit are stifling democracy.

So, vote Leave if you will but give yourself the best chance to evaluate the deal. It’s all our futures and our future’s future.


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  • Roz

    Glad to hear you are recovering well.

    To cheer you up a quote from my prized original copy of ‘The Art of Invigorating and Prolonging Life’ (1822) -I collect 18th century books:

    “There is not a more universal or more useless Vulgar Error, than the notion, that Physic is efficacious, in proportion as it is extremely disagreeable to take, and frightfully violent in its operation….”

    I won’t continue the quote in case you get an upset stomach.



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