Are You Depressed ? -

Are You Depressed ?

let's talk about depressionIf you think you are depressed, take this test it is safe and it will give you an  indication.  Talk to your GP, one in four people do.  If you don’t have a GP this link will find one in your area.

If you are note sure about what to expect  here are some experiences of minority groups using the mental health services.

The African & Caribbean Counselling Department at Greenwich MIND offers 1-2-1 & group counselling services (free for residents of Greenwich).
tel: 020 8853 2395. Mind Greenwich.

The video below is the story of Ex Marine Reggie, a veteran who had been honourably discharged but was ‘tired of it all’ so he doused himself in petrol, grabbed a lighter and set himself ablaze. Despite his injuries his message is “Enjoy your life,” but listen for yourself.

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