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Jeremy Clarkson 2nd Gear

Sadly, the BBC did not sack Jeremy Clarkson after an “unprovoked physical attack” on Oisin Tymon, a Top Gear producer.  Sensibly, they have chosen not to renew his contact. It is enough. Jeremy Clarkson is not a stranger to controversy or punching. He punched Piers Morgan in the face at the 2004 National Press Awards. Then as now the Press have not condemned his actions.

Punching has no place in the workplace no matter who you are. When a celebrity appears to be too powerful to punish, that is when it is most important to have rules and ensure that management apply those rules. Even when the bad behaviour is forgiven or excused by the fans of the celebrity. Sadly, the Clarkson fans are also blaming Oisin Tymon for Clarkson’s bullish behaviour and he and his family are being are being harangued in the most graphic terms.

What does it say about us as a society and our blind devotion for celebrity that the unapologetic convicted rapist Ched Evan’s victim has had to move at least three times because of the vitriol of his supporters.

I welcome the BBC’s decision as there has been too many examples of profit coming before principle in business. Eden Hazard kicking a ballboy comes to mind.

Too many celebrities are surrounded by sycophants and therefore bad behaviour is encourage and/or excused. When management looks the other way we can end up with the worse excesses like Jimmy Savile.

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