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The world has become a confusing place. So, who speaks for you?

It's hard for us, we want a better world. The Government is privatising our NHS. The Tories are selling our public sector for profit.  Working people are finding food banks a reality.  

So, women, are the most affected group but we have the smallest voice, especially single mothers. Politicians make noises about equality but 100 years after some women got the vote, we are still fighting for fairness.

I care about all those things and use my broadcasts and blogging platforms to highlight these issues.

Join me on various stations including Galaxy 102.5 FM and Starr RadioUK where I make regular appearances. We'll look at life in 3D and tackle the tough topics. But we also have a giggle, sprinkled with good music and debate.

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If you would like to connect or work together on the issues raised or a topic, please feel free to email me directly on the contact form.

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