i'mjussayin is the world viewed through the eyes of a woman who is black and a feminist, independent of the good opinion of others.

I am never sure whose interests the mainstream media represents but increasingly it is not mine. If it ever was, is questionable. Women and black people have long suffered
alternative facts. And although the dishonesty of the corporate media is being revealed in cases Hillsborough I had to become a blogger. Mum says that ‘when you know better, you’ll do better’. And I believe that. So, it would be unfair to hold one accountable until, they have heard the other side of the story. This is the other side.

In Britain, Black women's voices are missing from the political debate, as well as being absent elsewhere. I blog about Politics, Feminism, and Life. I am also a broadcaster hosting talk shows on Galaxy 102.5FM and Starrradiouk. Join me.

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Hope you enjoy this site, if you leave knowing more than before you visited, or your thoughts have been provoked, or you simply laugh, them something has been achieved.

If you are critical of something, then use the contact email and be mindful that as I sit in the smallest room in my house, with your message before me, I know it will soon be behind me.

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