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Pick of The Week Africa Utopia


What’s On Recommends
Africa Utopia @ Southbank
19 – 22 July Tickets


Africa Utopia – Celebrate the arts and culture of one of the world’s most dynamic and fast-changing continents, featuring talks, workshops, music, performances, fashion and food.

Africa Utopia festival is inspired by the theme of Pan-Africanism. And how the arts, activism and social change are leading the way in bringing the Pan-African dream closer to reality.

Throughout leading African and diaspora artists, thinkers and innovators discuss art and ideas from across the continent that are changing the world.

This year’s packed talks programme covers everything from Afrofuturism to Nigerian queer fiction to Nelson Mandela’s complicated relationship with the Pan-African movement.


Highlights from Africa Utopia

United States of Africa: The Future of Pan-Africanism – This panel looks to the future of the African continent and asks: is the Pan-African dream finally becoming a reality?

The New Radicals – Look to the future as this panel of thought leaders discuss what’s next for the African continent. Who are today’s Pan-Africanists, and how are they working across borders to create social change?

She Called Me Woman – Come and listen to live readings from the newly published She Called Me Woman – a collection of 25 stories that paint a vivid portrait of life as a queer Nigerian woman, from the resistance and resilience to the joy and laughter.

Pram Jam – The ever-popular Pram Jam returns for a session influenced by African music and dance, as part of Africa Utopia. Open to all abilities, the workshop invites children aged five and under and their carers/parents to move, groove and sing along to wonderful rhythms.

Afro Dance Championships – Dancers aged 11 and over battle it out to Afrobeats at this free dance workshop led by hip-hop dance pros HomeBros. See solo, duo and group battles at this event, which brings people together to embrace African culture and let loose on the dance floor.


Flick of The Week Incredibles 2

what's on July Incredibles 3 | imjussayin.com/whatson

What’s On Recommends


In Incredibles 2, Helen (Holly Hunter) is called on to lead a campaign to bring Supers back, while Bob (Craig T. Nelson) navigates the day-to-day heroics of “normal” life at home with Violet (Sarah Vowell), Dash (Huck Milner) and baby Jack-Jack—whose superpowers are about to be discovered.

Their mission is derailed, however, when a new villain emerges with a brilliant and dangerous plot that threatens everything. But the Parrs don’t shy away from a challenge, especially with Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) by their side.



what's on July Alkaline 5 | imjussayin.com/whatson

What’s On Recommends
Alkaline @ Park Theatre
10 Jul – 04 Aug Tickets


Sophie and Sarah have been best friends forever. Sophie is newly engaged to her fiancé Nick and wants to celebrate. Sarah also has a new fiancé, Ali, and some more big news – she has recently converted to Islam.

Alkaline is a play about faith, friendship and fear. A play about change, painful endings and new beginnings. Where does our duty lie? And do we ever dare to be different?


One hot summer evening the two couples have a get-together. Sophie is desperate to meet Ali and even more desperate to rescue her drifting friendship with Sarah. Sophie also wants to ask Sarah if she’ll take off her hijab for Sophie’s wedding – a headscarf ‘just won’t quite go’ with the other bridesmaids, and Sophie likes things to match. It’s all going well (ish) until an uninvited guest arrives with some news that turns the evening – and the couples’ lives – upside down.

what's on recommends HIVE CITy LEGACY | www.imjussayinml.com/whatson

What’s On Recommends
Hive City Legacy @ Round House
10 – 21 July Tickets


Hive City Legacy is ready to strike back with a league of extraordinary Femmes of Colour in a riotous shake up embracing the unseen and the unheard.

With a fresh coat of intersecting tales from a new London Town, this unapologetic, uncensored and genre-defying experience brings together liberating live performance, redefined narratives and social activism to challenge, uplift, boundary break and celebrate.


Hive City Legacy is Aminita Francis, Rebecca Solomon, Krystal Dockery, Farrell Cox, Dorcas A. Stevens, Koko Brown, Elsabet Yonas, Shakaiah Perez and Sherika Sherard. Meet them.

what's on July Blue Tights, Red Knickers | imjussayin.com/whatson

What’s On  Recommends 
Blue Tights, Red Knickers and an ’S’ on Her Vest @ Bread & Roses
10 – 14 July Tickets


Jenna is being bullied at work, and is struggling to cope with her anxiety. Her best friend is on the other side of the world and not speaking to her, and no one seems to think anything’s wrong.

Blue Tights, Red Knickers and an ‘S’ on Her Vest explores the lengths one person will go to to be perfect, and toll it takes on their health.


15+ Strong language & adult themes.

Tickets: £12 | Concessions: £10
Running time: 70 minutes

whats on reccomends LockedUp | www.imjussayin.com/whatson

What’s On Recommends
Locked Up @ Tristan Bates
10 – 28 July Tickets


Locked Up is a dark, wryly humorous and scarily relevant new play written by Heather Simpkin. It explores trust, betrayal and comradeship in times of trouble.

It directly engages with the current political and social landscape whilst addressing the nature of integrity and honesty in everyone, from the most powerful to the voiceless and vulnerable in society.


Two men are trapped in a confined space which they interpret as their cell. Since being taken against their will, the only world that exists for them is that cell and an enigmatic White Room where there are few clues to their immediate predicament…

Desperation grows as Declan (Samuel Ranger) and Topher (Conor Cook) try to find a way out and discover answers to their questions. They have no idea who has taken them or why.

As the tension builds both characters reflect upon each other and their situation. Will they buckle under the strain of emotional endurance or can they remain rational enough to piece together the twists and turns of their absurd situation?

Locked Up is poignant, wryly humorous and scarily relevant.

what's on WE OWN EVERYTHING | www.imjussayin.com/whatson

What’s On Recommends
We Own Everything @ Space
10 – 19 Jul Tickets


We Own Everything is the outrageous true story of Nathan Mayer Rothschild and the first deliberate stock market crash.


Following his rise to power and dealings with mad & bad royalty, we meet the traders, wheelers and dealers who shaped the world as we know it. Including: A ‘to-scale’ re-telling of the battle of waterloo; Napoleon; ‘wise-guys’; pigeons and a glass of fizz to bring you the most ambitious, decadent and incredible tale you’ve ever seen.

what's on July HAVISHAM 13 | imjussayin.com/whatson

What’s On Recommends
Havisham @ Theatre 503
10 – 13 July Tickets


“This is the moment every women waits for. When this is the real thing, I will be complete.”

Vicky believes her purpose in life is to be the ideal wife and mother. But can traditional perfection really make us happy?


Age 12+
Heterosexism and sexism themes.
Contains strong language and audience participation.

whats on UMUADA 12 | www.imjussayin.com/whats on

What’s On July Recommends
UMUADA @ Kings Head Theatre
10 – 14 July Tickets


Anwu is turning 60, her daughters are preparing a party, their brother is nowhere to be seen and their Dad is in Nigeria buying a family home. UMUADA is a witty yet poignant exploration of mental health, migration and motherhood in the urban African diaspora.


UMUADA (meaning first-born daughters in Igbo) UMUADA first premiered at the Bunker Theatre in November 2017 as part of Damsel Productions Women-Directors festival.

What's On July Tudor Joust | www.imjussayin.com/what'son

What’s On Recommends
Tudor Joust Weekend @ Hampton Court Palace
14 – 15 July Tickets


Cheer on the rival knights and soak up the spectacle of a Tudor joust as guests of Henry VIII.


By the reign of Henry VIII jousting had been a proper sport with set rules and specialized equipment for about 200 years. Tournaments were no longer regarded as training for war and to show off martial prowess but more of an opportunity to display wealth, enforce power and status. Jousts were frequently held to mark State occasions, court celebrations and high days and holidays. They were often used as a way of impressing foreign visitors. Jousts were always vastly expensive affairs, enormously spectacular and the highlight of the year for participants and spectators alike.
At its heart jousting is very simple and has one basic aim. Hit your opponent accurately in the allowed areas. One of three things will then happen:
• The lance might skid off, this is called an ‘attaint’
• A rider might be unhorsed.
• The lance will break cleanly, demonstrating maximum accuracy and power.

what's on THE COURT MUST HAVE A QUEEN | www.imjussayin.com

What’s On Recommends
The Court Must Have A Queen @ Hampton Court Palace
Now until 02 September Tickets


It’s the summer of 1539 and Henry VIII is looking for a fourth wife after the death of his beloved Jane Seymour. Join the court as Thomas Cromwell oversees the finishing touches to a feast he hopes will seal the marriage treaty between Henry and Anne of Cleves.

The palace is a flurry of activity with the cooks preparing food for the feast in the kitchens, servants taking deliveries and bustling around the service areas, musicians preparing the entertainment, and guests and courtiers preparing their finest clothes.

However, with Henry’s mood threatening to upset weeks of planning, everyone is watching nervously to find out what happens next. Can the returning favoured court trumpeter, John Blanke help to soothe the king’s mood?


Full of music and drama this new play written for Hampton Court Palace by Ade Solanke and directed by Sam Curtis Lindsay, brings the court of the palace’s most famous resident to life in a theatrical spectacle suitable for all ages.

Performances take place in the Great Hall at 11:30, 12:30 and 15:30 and last approximately 30 minutes.

what's on July PITY 8 | imjussayin.com/whatson

What’s On Recommends
Pity @ Royal Court
14 July – 11 Aug Tickets


A normal day. A person stands in the market square watching the world go by. What happens next verges on the ridiculous.

There’s ice cream. Sunshine. Shops. Some dogs. A wedding. Bombs. Candles. Blood. Lightning. Sandwiches. Snipers. Looting. Gunshots. Babies. Actors. Azaleas. Famine. Fountains. Statues. Atrocities.

And tanks. (Probably).

Rory Mullarkey’s new play explores whether the world is really getting worse. And how much we actually care.


what's on July Martin Lingus 2 | imjussayin.com/whatson

What’s On Recommends
Martin Lingus @ Bread & Roses Theatre
15, 22 July Tickets


Time is running out for Martin Lingus. He needs to find a lady. A lady with a house. But his boyish charm isn’t working like it used to.
This one-man show is a dark comedy about love, inner demons and period features.


N.B. Recommended for 15yrs plus. Some strong language and racially sensitive content.
Sunday 15th July at 4pm
Sunday 15th July at 7pm
Sunday 22nd July at 4pm
Sunday 22nd July at 7pm

what's on July Sisterhood 1 | imjussayin.com/whatson

What’s On Recommends
Sisterhood @ Omnibus Theatre
17 – 18 July Tickets


As the analogue world disappears into the mists of time Sisterhood explores what kind of world we are leaving to our daughters of the digital age.

Three women, aged 20, 40 and 60 (But not a virgin, mother or hag in sight) set about unpicking the fine weave of existence, re-examining with fresh and furious eyes the threads of gender, fertility, sexual assault, our collective future and the state of feminism today.


Sisterhood (an interactive show) is a newly devised multimedia tale introducing you to a sisterhood caught between two timelines: the witch trials of the 16thC and modern-day women facing a world in political and environmental upheaval.

Sisterhood transports the audience, in this extra-live performance, to a church cell in Wilmington, where three women await their trial in the morning. Soothing and passionate storytelling interweaves the stories of these three women with vestiges from the performers own lives, to reveal an immediate and clear association.

Together we’ll discover what taboos need eating? Which sacred cows we should slaughter? What will help us to thrive? But most importantly of all… How we are going to sort this bloody mess out?

Check out

what's on closing soon curtains | www.imjussayin.com/whatson

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whats on still_playing | www.imjussayin.com/whatson

What’s Still Playing

what's on coming soon | www.imjussayin.com/whatson

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