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Donald Trump is off to meet and greet Putin. A man he has never uttered a word against. Despite Putin’s human rights abuses. The Queen and Theresa May have fared less well. Trump overlooked the nonagenarian Queen, see video below. And decried Theresa May’s handling of Brexit. So right there are two reasons why the protests against Trump where important. And our protests should continue long after we wave Trump farewell. He is a blight on humanity.


Like Brexit, Trump supporters including Nigel Farage deliberate misrepresentation of the will of the people. Most American’s voted for Hilary Clinton, but the American Electoral College chose otherwise. The difference between Remain and Brexit is 650,000 votes. Votes that were achieved through the criminal activity of Vote Leave and cast without knowledge of the full facts and based on no plan. But it is being touted as the ‘will of the people’.

Trump represents a blight on humanity, he is a self-confessed sex offender. He has forcefully separated children from their mothers, with little girls reported led away in the dead of night. So, Trump lacks empathy and compassion. He joins other world leaders with a bullish autocratic manner.

The Special Relationship

But being President of America, he has a ‘special relationship’ with the UK. It’s sad but true, speaking almost the same language and American movies have meant American culture has considerable influence on British culture. The two countries are supposed to have shared values. But Trump does not hold those shared values.

So it’s vital that people around the world recognise we don’t approve of the megalomanic Trump, whose sense of superiority comes at the cost of others; children, women’s health care and our environment for example.

So continuing to protest against Trump is an essential message of Solidarity. But it’s also a warning for British people. Trump insists on a hard Brexit, it’s because he’s interested in business leads for his friends and being rid of our NHS. Britain’s NHS social healthcare system is a constant reminder of America’s health care for the wealthy policy.

So, The ridiculous notion of ‘reclaiming our country’ echoed by Trump is an opportunity for Trump cronies to dictate trade terms to an isolated Britain. The Trump administration already declared it would put a business deal with the EU before Britain. We’ve got to put people and Britain first.

Business Man

Tony Schwartz wrote the book The Art Of The Deal for Trump, so let’s not be taken in by the book. Trump is known for shorting contractors, his fake university, hiring the mob and yes the President of the USA has been bankrupt at least six times.

But he does know how to speak to the desperate and forgotten blue collar workers of America.

So, under Trump things on the domestic and international scenes will only get worse. And I worry that will hit his supporters the most!. So we have to keep on protesting protect our humanity and Britain.

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