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Guns Over Her Dead Body

Defenders of guns and politicians hide the pattern of domestic abuse and gun crime with talk of the Second Amendment and foreign terrorism. The media reserves the headlines for mass shootings.  So, the fact that gun owning partners kill women at an alarming rate does not make the news and prevents furthering gun control.

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Women, Why Don’t We Believe Them?

From abuse to medical health, the police and society don’t believe women. It’s time to stop failing 50% of the population and believe them when they speak.

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Pro Life A Morally Inconsistent Arguement

IWD led me to think about the joy of motherhood. It’s probably the most beautiful thing in the world and the scariest. I’m not sure which part I dread the most. The idea of pushing something so big out of an area so small. Or being responsible for another human being for the rest of…

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Cutting Girls Is Torture – Working To End FGM An Interview

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is also called cutting because external female genitalia is cut away.  There is no medical reasons for it and occurs without anesthetic.  It happens to baby girls and even adult women.  Some have been in childbirth at the time.  However, it usually happens to girls age 10 – 15 years. FGM has zero health…

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FGM Does Not Make A Woman Just A Victim

In many countries, there is a culture or tradition of cutting away areas of female genitalia or otherwise damaging it. FGM (Female genital mutilation) is a culturally sensitive subject.  The practice has been handed down for centuries and is part of rites of passage and a woman’s cultural identity. I don’t believe that girls need…

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FGM Cutting – The Bloody Controlling of Women’s Sexuality

Cutting female genitalia, without a medical reason,  is called Female Genital Mutilation [FGM] and it is rife in Africa, as is child marriage.  The two are usually linked.  Hidden behind the banner of ‘culture’ FGM and child marriage is really about controlling the sexuality of girls and women.  It is a form of ownership and…

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Heart Attack – Are You having One?

Sadly, I have learned of another woman who died of a heart attack. Family and friends were shocked because her death was entirely unexpected but a heart attack can give warning signs.  Heart attacks are the biggest killer of women. Listeners on Galaxy 102.5FM were astounded by this when I raised the topic last year….

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