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Whatever Happened To Personal Responsibility

Today, leaders frequently identify a fault as being somewhere else, like at the Home Office, and then apologise. A resignation will not follow because leaders, e.g. politicians, don’t take responsibility for their incompetence. But leadership without accountability is poor practice, and we have to change that.

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Anti-Semitism and Windrush The Hierarchy of Race

Anti-Semitism has received far more media attention than Windrush, and that is odd. All racism is wrong, but is there a hierarchy of race?

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How Tories Created Our Hostile Environment

Theresa May did not create the hostile environment with her immigration policy; it was an extension of the Tory’s existing hostile enviroment culture.  So, we have to push back before Caring Society become a thing of the past.

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Charlie Phillips Photography Exhibitions

Charlie Phillips is probably the most important Black British photographer of his generation. His work captures Black Britain at work, rest and play. A changing Britain and the struggles of the Windrush generation are beautifully taken. The burial traditions are sensitively done. His work is a ‘must see.‘ His interview on Sunday 17 May 2015, 1pm…

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