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Unelected Conservatives Distort Our Democracy

It’s funny old times in that unelected conservatives are running our democracy and are undermining our democracy. And on an undemocratic but Royal note, I’m puzzled by Royal hospitality.

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What a difference a vote makes

The vote makes every single person equal regardless of wealth, class, religion, creed or education because each vote has the same value. The system needs tweaking but power has transferred from the wallet to the ballot box. The power over our political destinies is no longer in the hands of feudal lords, the church or…

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Black Women and The Vote

A recent survey asked whether women should have the vote. The on line survey showed that 70% of those who participated thought that women should have the vote. That left 30% that don’t think that women should have the vote. One women aged 30 said, “I have never voted because we should not have the right to vote….

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