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Trump – Keep On Protesting to Protect

Trump, whose sense of superiority comes at the cost of others; children, women’s health care and our environment for example must always be called out.

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White Supremacy, Trump And The American Dream

Trump could not genuinely condemn the violence of white supremacy in Charlottesville. He is a product of white supremacy. Trump and white supremacy is the manifestation of the American Dream.

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The Special Relationship, Trump, Lies and Spies

Britain and America had a special relationship for years. But With friends like DonaldTrump who needs a special relationship especially a lopsided one.

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President Trump – Please Don’t Impeach Him

Please don’t impeach President Trump. Don’t misunderstand me. I would rather Trump were never elected. He continually uses the expression America First, the slogan of the German-American Nazi Party which identifies him as a fascist. Yet, Trump’s domestic renewal ideas like infrastructure development are Democratic policies in the tradition of Lyndon B. Johnson and Franklin D. Roosevelt. That…

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President Obama Simply The Best President Part Two

President Obama has matched and exceeded the achievements of the best Presidents. His management of the economy has outperformed Ronald Reagan’s and Obama’s ideals are as admirable as JFK‘s.  However, where JFK took us to the brink of nuclear war, Obama has de-escalated the proliferation of nuclear weapons.  The President also sets the tone and standard for the country, and Obama is the longest serving…

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Obama America’s Greatest President Part One

Obama is one of, if not, America’s greatest President. His Presidency came against the odds, but he was a man of vision.  Obama fought for and achieved the next steps for equality.  In the face of political adversity and racism, he stood on the higher ground.  There is not a whiff of scandal or an…

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Fidel Castro – Cuba’s White Revolution

Fidel Castro died aged 90 in his sleep.  No thanks to America.  Castro rejected America and its decadence. Consequently, he escaped 600 assassination attempts.  From Dwight Eisenhower to George Bush Junior (10 Presidents) tried to kill and otherwise oust him from power at the cost of more than $1bn.   Castro was a man with…

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US Police Officer Ben Fields Threw A Black Student Across Classroom 2015

The video below stunned me into silence. Beware, it contains disturbing images of police brutality and violence. This is the tale of two America’s. You should email or telephone the Sheriff to express your outrage at an officer, who is a power weight lifter, slamming a female student to the floor. Then throwing her across the room….

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